Collaboration with the secret police in exchange for registration in the Ministry of Justice

Head of International Cultural and Educational Association "Center for Volunteerism" Nicholas Kvantaliani said that the KGB inclines him to cooperate.

In raspavsyuzhnym letter "History controlled the third sector in Belarus" Kvantaliani reports that the Center for registration were filed on February 22.

March 5 he phoned the man who introduced himself Vitaly, and left his mobile number. He said calls about registration of the organization of the Ministry of Justice and in the interests of the founders to contact him. The meeting was scheduled for March 16 in the lobby of the Justice Ministry.

At the meeting, Vitaly said he intelligence officer, with no documents showed. On He said, the founders of the organization are checked, there is no claim to them, and the question of the registration of the organization depends solely on the agreement on cooperation.

"When I asked," What does this mean? "- Vitaly explained that they are ready to provide all possible assistance, including the registration of foreign projects and grants, and are willing to switch to our organization in European projects that are already under their control. He even mentioned that not will need to to carry out the work, but only to receive money and give reports. And the people who are already working with them, get 50,000-60,000 euros per year. He also assured full support and security in the organization, "- says Kvantaliani.

Intelligence officer said that in the event of failure of the organization is not registered, the founders will fall into a "black list" and will never be able to register another organization, but his Kvantaliani start problems with traveling abroad.

"Vitaly slipped me a paper which asked to sign that between me and him was this meeting. From the confusion, I wrote him this paper. Vitaly said to be waiting for my call to confirm within 40 minutes," — says the head of the center.

After discussing the situation with colleagues, it was decided "not to communicate with this man and wait for the results of registration from the Ministry of Justice. "Application processing ends on March 22.

"We caught up with the founders of the Swiss branch and explained the situation to them. Theirs was received unequivocal response that is best for them non-registration of the organization than working with the intelligence agencies" — the Kvantaliani.

During the "all of the following days," with the number "Vitaly" constantly received calls, but the founder of the center of the tube did not take off. March 19 came a text message: "I will come with a search warrant." Thereafter Kvantaliani decided to "tell the whole situation."

"Now I understand that their intentions — to continue to make me have to cooperate with threats — says the head of the center. — I never thought that the topic of volunteering and helping vulnerable people is the subject of intense scrutiny by the" Committee of good works. "

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