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Fifteen years ago, "Nasha Niva" has released an illustrated book "Minsk Spring — 1996". The mass demonstrations and arrests, "Long live Belarus!" And "Luke flour!" Curves protocols, bloody skirmishes, hypocritical courts …

15 years ago we thought our book — a precedent for the unique experience of transformation, after which we will be living in a different Belarus. But no. Figushki, says a friend of representative government. There comes a sixteenth "Minsk Spring" and comes "is always the same."

Impressive is not that nothing has changed. It's impressive that comments have not changed.

Shame on judges and prosecutors — the regime lackeys!
Our country was turned into a mental hospital.
Hold on, guys! Your sacred thing!

I can quote all day vox populi with "Minsk Spring — 1996" and with today's PC site, without exception. And without distinction.

Commentator, how old are you?

However, 15 years ago, the voices were more varied and creative, and demonstrate to the people collected ten times more. But essentially nothing has changed.

Komentav 200-300 a day — it's a breeze. Or just the wind, or "the dog barks — the wind is," or the wind of change. And the earliest developments of the last we'll see it in the comments.

How will it be? —

Question commentators

Meanwhile most kusliva sabachylisya last week to the new clip Wolski and Khitrik.

White-headed Duck and Grisha in a new way. In order not to go … Only there the characters painted, and here — harakteryzatsyyay and make-up. Pop trash on the issues of the day, unfortunately, true. Levon, stop, if possible, to reason and categories zapatrabavalnastsi pradavabelnastsi, you destroy it. Everything is clear, you are on the mind, and the people around are not fools.

And stupid too. Even if you put up snobs.

"I hope and believe" — really the song and video on the topic of the day. Remember, after the 19th such hopeless depresuha settled in the eyes of the Belarusian public, so that taxi drivers hung his black belt at the antenna. Especially touched tractor "Belarus", which shoveled snow in the courtyard of the city — with the same tape.

So at that tractor — I have seen the face — in my head spun this very, had not yet made a clip.

Thinking and "The Dark Night" and "Dziwny jest ten swiat", and "Wind of Change" written on the topic of the day. More precisely, on the topic of life. And "Oh Rechenka, Rechenka" too. You should not warn Leon, let him destroy that anger further.

By the way, on the tenth anniversary of the reign of the famous character HPM wrote a song with reference to the same output of byaschassya:

Somewhere once in front can be
Children will replace, it needs to live

And where to go WHAT TO DO

About where to go March 25, arguing for many years. But — a marked contrast to the current controversy — not discussing what to do. Even last year, in the forums strained their minds on the script of the holiday — a mark that with creativity and all that. Not much from the fact that the new loomed, but the desire was. In This year, there is no desire, the hope is turned into Wolski. There is no hope. One thing remains — where to go. By Kolasa? Until Kupala? Does not matter. It is important to keep together, so you were not there, that you had never seen …

Eva opposition leadership is under the hood KGB, with the filing of which they splyazhyli Freedom Day.

Actually, I'm not going to any of the dome, nor the ear with these gentlemen …

In my heart the fire is burning angst — moody, black.
Or do I have the source of her tears fill his
I plow heavy heart muchennya vzryts? —
Mo vzoyduts grain of hope there! ..
Where to go and what to do?

Last comment Maxim Bogdanovich left exactly one hundred years ago.

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