Commercially deployed Russian bilateral Satellite Internet

Two-way satellite Internet under the brand KiteNet launched into commercial operation

  • The antenna field of "RuSat"
  • The antenna field of "RuSat"

Universal satellite operator "RuSat" in partnership with "Rainbow-Internet" reports the official commercial launch of two-way satellite Internet services for private users. The service is provided under the brand KiteNet. Since March 15, everyone will be able to acquire the necessary equipment sets and after installation and setup to start using satellite internet.


"Work on putting KiteNet commercial operation was carried out quickly: less than 2 months from the date of the official presentation of services has been mounted aerial teleport made central office equipment installation and debugging it done, done the software content of the complex, test the entire system. The first batch of user terminals will be available "RuSat" in Moscow in late February, March 1 began shipping them to our partners by arrangement, and on the 15th day of the sale of the equipment was opened to private users, "- says Svetlana Shabalin, Deputy Director, Business Operations Ltd. "RuSat."

Make a request for the purchase of equipment and setup KiteNet private users will be able to both interactively via the feedback form on the official website of the new brand, or by calling the hotline or contact KiteNet official representative in your region. With the new client will be contracts for the purchase of equipment and the provision of services, after which the issues are resolved for the delivery, installation and adjustment of the equipment (users can do it yourself or use the services of specialists KiteNet). The whole cycle of works (with the assistance of KiteNet at all stages), from placement of a client application and payment services, to the installation and configuration of equipment will take about 1-2 weeks.

Recall that KiteNet — this is a unique project for the Russian market of satellite Internet access for home users that combines the low cost of the equipment (from 8000 rubles) and affordable rates (from 299 rubles per month unlimited traffic) with the ease of connection. Coverage services early coincides with the zone of satellite coverage "Yamal-402" and includes European, Ural and Siberian part of Russia, but has not yet spread to the Far East.

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