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For years, scientists from many countries are working on the program SETI ("Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence"). Now the main part of this work is concentrated in the American Observatory Mountain View, which is funded by private donators distinguishing management over three million dollars annually.

SETI program includes listening radioneba in search of artificial signals or radio communications between extraterrestrial civilizations. Send your call sign is useless, because if the nearest intelligent civilization lives at a distance of 100 light-years from us, by sending a signal, we get a response only after 200 years, if ever get! After a hundred years of anything can happen.

Receivers involved in the program are very sensitive. The total energy received by them for ten years radioproslushivaniya space is approximately equal to the energy expended by one flea jumps. But because scientists do not know what frequency negotiate aliens have to listen to millions of radio channels. Always something sounds in these receivers, but that would provide a reasonable signal, do the incredible amount of work. Not only caught the signal can be lost (this has already happened in 1975, the radio telescope at Ohio State University, was then registered a very powerful and stable signal, but it was lost) due, perhaps, the end of the session. It is unlikely that aliens will talk incessantly day and night. Scientists are looking for a steady signal, having features of the artificial. While this did not happen.

Once the telescope catches a reasonable signal, it will be necessary to make sure that this is really an alien signal that he is not of terrestrial origin. You will then begin work on determining the source, whether it is addressed to us, or a fragment of the negotiations between the aliens. In this case, it is unlikely to decipher.

Now a lot of amateur astronomers use radio telescopes to listen for homemade sky in search of extraterrestrial signals. To do this, they fit satellite dishes or make homemade. Although the frequency range is very limited due to the size of the antenna, but they do have some advantages over the huge radio telescopes — they can direct his telescope in almost any part of the sky.

The highlight in the history of SETI took place in 1977. August 15 at 22:16 radio telescope at Ohio University to receive a signal, which lasted about 37 seconds. The signal came from the constellation of Sagittarius and was the strongest of all the host earlier. When the researchers looked at the computer diagram of the received signal, they noticed that the contours resemble the word "Wow". According to Robert Dixon, head of SETI, "This is not a space ship and not an echo from the satellite. He certainly has a reasonable source and bears all the hallmarks of the origin of an advanced civilization." Either before or after, nothing like the signal 6EQUJ5 (or "Wow" — signal), the researchers did not get …

In 1998, the SETI program has been available to everyone who has a computer. Program was created that can handle small amounts of records from the Arecibo radio telescope (the diameter of the antenna 300 meters) and other radio telescopes. You need to have a computer of average power and access to the Internet. First online download the software for processing of radio signals in your computer and get to the same site 350 Kb of information. The program will automatically analyze the data, and after the work sends the results back to the site that automatically loads more data. Of course, it is very tempting that you can participate in this program, and maybe that's on your PC can be detected an extraterrestrial signal, but for the sake of the program to almost completely free your computer from other work (This is not required, only if you have at least 128 Mb RAM / developers themselves say that it is enough and 64, but I doubt it /). For complete data program requires 30 to 50 hours, and she works as a screensaver, but when running the program it is possible to work with not very large programs such as Photoshop, MS Office, etc. When running the program, it works a little bit (in the 1.2 — 1.4 times) more slowly, but still works.

Recently, the project managers SETI at Home compiled a list of 150 "suspicious" of cosmic radio sources, the signals it was decided to check more thoroughly. To do this, three specialists SETI at Home project has been given three days time from 18 to 20 March for the radio telescope Arecibo.

These experts from the University of California, worked very shock and in three days time to check 227 of cosmic radio sources. True, they had to make a forced break March 19, as an outbreak of the Sun and the telescope was needed for her research. But as compensation they were given teleskopnoe time on Monday 24 March.

However, the result was zero. None of the sources did not confirm its artificial origin. But the organizers of the project SETI at Home do not despair and we will continue, "the whole world" to sift the universal radio.

As of February 1, 2005 in the program SETI at HOME participates 5,336,422 users worldwide.

Received 1,749,051,119 results.

General computer processing time is 2206253.433 years. (A user can receive an unlimited number of pieces of information for the study, to run the program SETI at HOME on any number of computers that are available to him, and to spend as much time to process the data so far as the performance of the computer.)
The average amount of time it takes to process more data 11 hours 02 minutes 59.5 seconds.

What would increase the processing speed of about 2-4 times, you need to put a tick in the settings saver Go to blank screen, then after the screen saver starts, after the specified time saver "lost", ie off schedule, which takes a lot of memory …

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