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Perhaps real-world phenomena of forced medical or other control over the person by unknown forces. Investigating cases of abduction, we do not know whether all the members of the so-called aliens are doing it or is it just a single fish of their group or race. But the scale of abduction impressive recent Roper American group, which specializes in public opinion polls, conducted a detailed survey of four thousand respondents to ascertain the number of kidnappings in the U.S.. Sample comprised mostly elite.

Total for different states ranged from 8 percent to 18. That is stolen every eight Americans or American. And how many respondents chose to remain silent or to give an evasive answer? Not everyone wants to resurrect the very personal, often intimate memories, which gave rise to deep feelings. Some of the technology and psychology rotation abduction was shown in the movie "Aliens" made on the book by American ufologist Batsaev-Hopkins. The movie is so believable that it can be used as a teaching aid for ufology.

For 180 minutes are violent and vivisection on people by powerful and naraspoznannyh manipulators. However, not all victims feel unhappy. At the end of the film, during an interview a few stolen, lady, manager by profession, said that she is happy that his goals prischeltsy chose her.

In UFOtsentre finished processing the materials of his questioning. Along with a retrospective (regressive) hypnosis, allowing lift the blockade of memory experienced the abduction of the patient. Since it is possible that in the rotation and abduction is the essence of interaction biotehnosfery Earth (Earth's living and non-living nature and technology) with unknown forms of life, which manifests itself in the form of UFOs, aliens and all sorts, apparently, in the flows received by individuals from nowhere going of information.

American ufologists started earlier "untwist" syndrome kidnappings and of course, more time to. Now for the ocean began to appear, and some summing up the publication. Building on the work of John Mack, Dzna Wright and others (a total of 13 researchers) can cause some statistics rotary abductions.

Analyzed 317 documents (transcripts of kidnap, recording during a retrospective of hypnosis). Interviewed 27 men, 58 women. In 10 cases involved both members of both sexes. Only 95 cases. Part of the stolen entities met with more than one entity, (a stranger) and in different circumstances.

Location of abduction. In most cases the place of abduction is the house (usually a bedroom). 15 subjects named other places. 10 of them were stolen from the vehicles, and six of the beach cabins or camping.

Invisible presence. 28 percent of the subjects felt the presence of strangers rather than see them. This happened in hours, minutes or seconds before visual contact. In other cases, the invisible presence felt among different zpizodov, but there was close contact, that is, the contact of the fourth kind. Recognition manifested either as tingling or buzzing of electricity in the head, or as a tapping in the room.

In some cases, the subject of "just knew" that aliens exist. A close relationship. Many actors learned their captors in previous abductions — at least one — a factor that ufologist David Dyukobs called "familiar creature." Of the 95 cases — in 34 subject learned one or more aliens.

In 10 cases, the subjects telepathically heard his own name spoken by aliens. In 18 cases, the aliens told the subjects that they were "chosen" and are "special." Familiar creatures at the name and assurances special choice in the amount occurred in 44 cases.

Types of UFO-related kidnapping. Only 55 percent of the stolen object ever observed anomalous (during the abduction scenario, or at another time.) In 31 cases the stolen spotted the following types of UFOs: The disc-shaped saw 22 people, spherical — eight; cylindrical — and six rectangular — and three long — three; asymmetrical — one, conical — one.

Types of transportation. Most do not remember how they were brought to a UFO, and check it. Four people remember the little capsule in which they were placed. The most common was still levitation — moving without any adaptations noted in 33 cases. In 17 cases (mostly outside) stolen scrambled using a beam of light. In 20 cases, the subject was raised out of bed and rush through closed windows, doors, walls, ceiling. The presence of the light beam is not stolen saw.

Dizziness, nausea. 20 subjects felt dizzy or nauseated during one of the stages of the kidnapping. More often it was felt at levitation.

The situation at vivisection on UFOs. The first thing that is often seen stolen — is an oblong hall or tunnel. In 35 cases, the tunnel was quite long and tortuous. Then get stolen in a room that resembles an operating or dentist's office.

Premises described in 29 cases as having a round or domed. In 18 cases out of 31 it is dominated by white light, in 11 cases — gray (metallic). In the three cases mentioned the walls black. 32 subject was weak lighting on board. In 25 cases mentioned very bright room, and in 13 cases — dimly lit or completely dark.

Several actors met with both options. Include variations in a room for us, ordinary objects. One or more tables are identified in 52 cases. Usually so solid, smooth, quite narrow, on one stand. Sometimes table raised high, low or lowered shaped recliner.

Of other furniture often attended items like kitchen shelves, computers, screens. In numbers, it looks like this: table saw 52 people, screens, displays — 17. people; computers — 16 chairs — 11 shelves, racks — 10; cabinets — 10; bench — 6.

Odors. In 18 cases, the subjects reported a specific flavor, unlike the usual odors. Four smelt burnt hair or their body, and six reported an unpleasant smell coming from aliens.

Meeting with other abductees. In 30 cases of UFO abductees met one or two people who, judging by their clothes and behavior were also abducted. Usually, there had been no communication. Some believe that the learned individuals encountered in previous kidnappings.

Skin aliens. "Grey" (Grays) dominate in steals. 38 subjects met Greyami or grayish-white, and 19 Steals is described as "white as chlorine." In 18 cases, the skin had a dark-colored creatures, in 8 cases — blue, green in 7 cases. Creatures with glowing aura reported in 13 cases.

Five subjects describe creatures that look like shadows, almost intangible. In 6 cases the skin was "fine", "translucent". In 17 cases, described the "smooth", "plastic" skin was used by lower beings like working type, and not the higher ("heads"). 15 subjects met the aliens with pronounced wrinkles.

They were considered "old" and, apparently, a significant figure. 13 subjects felt (usually during a physical exam) touching strangers as cool or cold. (The question is, are these warm-blooded creatures by our standards). Only observed 14 types of skin.

Height and build. In 66 cases, the subjects talked about the growth of the kidnappers, but not very likely, since the observations were often an awkward position on the bed, raised an unknown height. However, in 57 cases, one type of alien creature called a "small" increase — from 3 to 4.5 feet (91.5 cm and 137.25 cm). In 47 cases mentioned higher than the previous type creature.

In 10 cases referred to "high" type — growth 6-7 feet (183-213,5 cm). 44 regions showed the structure of the body. In 33 cases it was "thin", "fragile" beings. Two saw beings with normal human constitution. Ten people spoke about the beings that were "muscular", "squat", "strong."

Appearance. Big eyes, almond-shaped, usually black became the norm in the description of the existing literature. But there are others. In 11 cases, the study observed clearly distinguished pupil, iris, surrounded by a white field. In three cases were "cat's eyes", then there is a vertical pupil. All black or dark) — 35 cases, green — and four blue — and three brown — and three gold — two.

As for the nose, in 30 cases out of 33 indicated the presence of a slight elevation above the two small nostrils. In five cases, there was no nose and only one case of the nose, as we understand it. 20 of the 25 subjects reported that the aliens mouth is a thin line (the gap), no lips, or said that the hole is very small.

In three cases, the mouth appeared to form a "0" in two cases there was no mouth. In 25 cases referred to the ears of newcomers. 18 people said they could not see the ears. Troy noticed cavity side of the head alien. 6 people have described a special form of a ledge with lobe.

Clothing aliens. In 24 cases, says that aliens are on UFO that looked like the leaders were "coat", "coat" or "cloak". In 23 cases, there fitting costumes. In 14 cases, the aliens, the ones that the "supporting roles" were naked.

The confusion, as fitting light-colored costumes can be taken for skin aliens. Mentioned 21 times without a dark robe of color. 18 times spoke of clothing is white, six times — brilliant silver color, and four times — brown. On the clothes there are different patches, but their data typing a little. Nine people have seen some sort of logo on the slinky dress.

Movement of aliens. Particular type of aliens constantly walks — 31 cases in the house, in the open air, in the UFO, while others "slide" or levitate (25 cases). It happens that the same stranger and walks, and levitates (ten cases). There were shuffling gait (three cases) and jerking motion "jerk" (two cases).

Stiffness of the abductees. 61 percent of the subjects believe that they felt some kind of constraint, especially when they were on the table in the ship. One can assume that the rest of the subjects had the same effect, but did not talk about it.

Four said they were strapped to the table. In 51 cases some invisible force "paralyzed" people, in 22 cases was the effect of a full or partial "numb."

Altered consciousness. At some point, the subject of abduction feels a change of consciousness. 16 subjects talked about consciousness "out of body". it's not like the state to which the hypnotist introduces the subject to awaken his memory. This is indicated by phrases such as "aerial view", "out of my body," "jumped out."

Euthanasia was used in 22 cases. Sometimes it was on board a UFO, and often before medical intervention. Usually it was the last mention of the subject before coming back (home, in bed, etc.). In addition, the subjects remembered that they felt the state of "surprise", "embarrassment", "stunned" or "being in shock" over part or all of an episode of abduction. This condition was noted in 49 cases, and probably in others too.

Observation and gazing at close range. Deliberate gazing subject aboard a UFO — the usual factor in abduction (47 cases). David Jacobs describes "looking at a point-blank" subject as the procedure of "scanning of consciousness." From a study of the documents it is difficult to determine whether this procedure is "staring at point-blank" or a watchful eye guard.

However attempts to separate the two concepts — "gazing at close range" and "control." In 39 cases, the subjects felt gazing at close range by a single entity, which has always been among the "leaders." In several cases, the subjects said that so to scan their brains. Most stolen this experiment did not like. In seven cases, the subject was left alone in the UFO for a long time. No one tried to escape

Leader. In 29 cases, it was noted that certain alien played a leading role. Sometimes it was he who led the "external command" in the abduction. Most often it was a "doctor" on board the UFO, who directed or carried out medical manipulation, or "old", who watched the whole process. This suggests the existence of a hierarchy of part or all groups of aliens.

Verbal communication. Two-thirds of the subjects of the 95 cases show verbal communication with aliens. Actually it was telepathy. Some claim that they spoke perfect English. Other hard-catching sense of thought aliens and filled it nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.

Sometimes the subject recalls a long conversation on a variety of topics with some stranger. The content of conversations with the kidnappers was basically three types: procedural, non-procedural, but related to the event, and poslesobytiynye. Procedural phrases (or instruction) were always concise and relate directly to the subject.

Commands such as "quiet," "calm, feed the child," were typical and occurred in 25 cases. Nonprocedural sentences were not directly associated with a specific action. Beliefs of the subject — "all good", "we will not do you no harm," was found in 35 cases. "Come with us," "stand here", "get back", "sleep now" — as occurs frequently.

In general, these comments were noted in 45 cases. Poslesobytiynye negotiations reported in 28 cases, "forget", "you can not say (to someone)" and, conversely, "Remember" (a meeting). I vaguely remember the instructions to accomplish anything in the future.

Characteristics of the votes. One fifth of the subjects heard voices intelligible beings when dealing with each other. In six cases, we've heard whispers and chatter type (probably a language in which there were no vowels). Five subjects heard the sounds of low pitch, consisting not of grunting, half of murmurs. No subject saw a replica made in the language of the newcomers, although attempts to guess the meaning was.

Wordless communication. 37 people said to receive instructions or information in the form of non-linguistic. These forms can be divided into 4 categories: gestures, images, display characters. Gestures occurred in four cases. Each creature has pulled his hands up or pointing gesture, it was clear the subject. Images — or screen, or in holographic form, or projected into the brain of the subject — is found in 28 cases.

In nine cases out of them showing images of animal (owl or deer), especially in the subjects of childhood seems to mask the appearance of creatures in anticipation of the abduction. On board the UFO 12 subjects saw images of the Earth in the past or future, from dinosaurs to earthquakes, dying forests and nuclear war. In ten cases the subject of the images showed the extraterrestrial world — stony desert, the strange color of the sky, the whole planet or star system.

Category of the "demonstration", found in a third of all cases, including one or more tangible things, shows the subject, at some points during the inspection or a UFO. The most dramatic demonstration of a hybrid or infant incubators containing embryos in development. This saw 17 subjects. In 12 cases, the subject saw hybrids older children or adults.

Emotions similar to those of men. Contrary to the opinion that the aliens do not have any emotions, in 54 percent of cases there is response and behavior similar to human (positive or negative). In 12 cases, there are negative manifestations — irritation or dispute with the entity or by other aliens.

Fear was observed in seven cases, frustration, sadness, threatening gestures — in two-cases, violent behavior in one. Zmotsii expressed more positive: caring, compassion, the expression of love — in 25 cases, friendship — in 23 cases, including laughter or humor jokes — in eight, the satisfaction of the behavior of the subject — in six. Ten subjects said strict unemotional behavior of the head.

Tools and instruments. "Device" — a device designed for certain medical procedures (eg, scanning the subject's body.) Usually it is attached to the wall, mounted on a moving truck, or suspended from the ceiling. "Tool" is a small item that held in the hand, for example, a syringe with a needle. 46 subjects have seen one or more devices, and 44 describe tools.

In general, devices and tools were present in 61 per cent of all cases. The subject is not twisting the joints and thrust probes into the body. Medical intervention is held devices and instruments. Samples. 12 subjects remembered that the aliens took samples of tissue: scrapings from the ankles, hands, feet and inside the mouth, cutting off pieces of hair and nails, straight and round cuts were applied to the taking of tissues. Surely this subject, many subjects, but it is strange that the memory is kept a few.

Pain. It is believed that severe pain — a common symptom after close contacts. However, in 58 percent of cases it is not mentioned. In 40 cases it was not a pain in the body, and in particular, some of it: the skull — 13; nose — 5; ear — 5, the spin-liver — 7. Local pain may mean implantation (introduction or removal of something).

In many descriptions say that the body had been implanted small objects or, alternatively, taken tissue without causing any inconvenience to the subject. Half of the subjects recalled a number of points relating to the genitals. This capture of sperm in men and eggs in women, removal of the embryo and the moments of sexual orgasm.

The seven men and boys remembered that their genitals placed the machine and immediately came the excitement and erection. Most of this episode was not enjoyable. It should be noted that in the 30 other cases, abduction of men, this procedure is not mentioned. Of the 68 women 43 recall gynecological procedures. While it is difficult to draw conclusions about the purpose of these experiments. A total of 13 cases of men and women remember about orgasm with pleasure.

Direct consequences. One third of the subjects said about the physical consequences. Bleeding from the nose was noted in 13 cases, and scars, cuts — at 12, half of them in the leg or knee. Interestingly, in four cases, a subject he has said or done, "concluded that the aliens reconstructive surgery can solve many serious health problems. Curious figures: nosebleeds tested 13 people, left a scar in 12, headaches — 6 cases, treatment — 4 man …

Obviously, the UFO will land soon near Red Square, and photographers can not take a picture of a stranger walking on the pavement. The phenomenon is designed to be constantly lead us beyond the limits of reality.

And that fixed appliances, and data obtained from retrogipnoza could mean another camouflage unknown reasonable forces disguised mystery that lead us away from a correct understanding of what is happening, from the understanding of the mission, which is carried by pilgrims on the earth, kidnapping and returning people.

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