Cow chewed sporting goods in an Austrian stores

Hungry cow chewing a few bras and T-shirts in the sporting goods department of Intersport, and left on the floor of the cake. Soon guards came running to the department, which for want of a rope threw a cow tucked under the arm rope and brought the animal out of the store.
The cow probably wandered into the store in search of food, as in the familiar pasture has been nothing — after a night of frost grass covered with frost.
All that Laura got up in the store, it was recorded on video surveillance camera, and Hans Seifert, Intersport spokesman said that the company is going to use the record in advertising.

"Our shop offers a wide range of winter sports goods — skis, ski helmets and warm sportswear — says Hans — and show with this record, that all who are preparing for the winter, check out the Intersport. Thanks cow, she gave a good idea. "
Farmer Gannes Schroder, the owner, Laura, of course, will receive a fee for the use in advertising of his animal, which at least partially reimburse expenses that he had incurred by paying cow spoiled goods and cleaning the store.
"I had to buy everything she chewed — complained Gannes — even bras!"

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