Currency fever continues

Belarus has maintained high demand for all types of foreign currencies, in many exchange offices in Minsk on March 25 did not have enough dollars, euros, Russian rubles. At the same time in the shops and markets are rising prices of food and manufactured goods.

In exchange office "BBK" and commercial banks — the queue before opening. Currencies are bought for a few minutes, willing to donate — much less. I talk with visitors exchangers:

Reporter "Have you tried to buy the currency and whether you? '.

"I wanted to buy dollars. But said no."

Reporter "How do you think, why such a fuss?".

Girl: "It is said that the dollar will rise. But these are only rumors."

"I wanted to change the dollar to the euro."

Reporter "So what?".

"They said that there is no euro. Guess what people are buying euros to go to Europe."

Woman: "Now let us turn to and see'll get. But probably sell when people are standing. People are afraid — that's hype. I think that the dollar really grow up. Example, computer shops now do not sell equipment: wrote that only a non-cash calculation, and all. Indeed expect that the dollar will rise. Either put up prices in order not to lose as a result of increase. "

Man: "In Russia it is necessary to go — 500 Russian rubles need to travel on the subway, etc. Seven banks passed, seven — there is nowhere Russian rubles. What is? — I asked. Said — hryvnia. But I'm not in the Ukraine, in my Russia should be, why should I hryvnia? says nothing. Well, who do we have price controls, all currency matters? "

Currency shortage has also confirmed the cashier of a bank Komarovskoe on the market:

Reporter "Can you purchase a currency: dollars, euros?"

Cashier: "Dollars — 125 euro — 20".

Reporter "You can come back later to buy? '.

Cashier: "If they take. But I immediately withdraw."

In addition to the lack of currency, began to appear a problem with getting Belarusian rubles from holders of plastic cards. Yesterday hour ATMs were not working, but now not all of the outstanding Belarusian rubles, said one of the visitors to the bank:

"I want my salary from the card removed — I can not. Tried at the station — no. Arrived here — and here there is none. And that salary! That earned, you can not take away."

Reporter "Belarusian rubles?"

Woman: "Yes. And where do they go? Man earned — and can not pick up. And because of this, look — prices are rising also because of the rise of the dollar."

The situation on the currency market says the chairman of the Minsk Union of Entrepreneurs Vladimir Karyagin:

"Now this change in the economy, if the National Bank, as if strict doctor prescribes a very bitter medicine. Though it was worth before prescribing medication and take. Moreover — the dose is very dangerous. Many years, he took over the function of centralized management and supplanted the functions of commercial banks . now National Bank allegedly trying to create off-exchange currency market. economic terms, he is doing the right action. Wants to engage a commercial banks to create competition for the consumer. And of course, we will have a period of shake and fever. "

Complete or partial absence of exchange on March 25 was fixed by exchange offices and the public, and many commercial banks in the country.

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