Currency fever

Management of the National Bank of Belarus, while observing the reaction of the banking and business community, abandon the introduction of currency restrictions week ago. Promised that from April 1, the need to reserve currency within 30 days of purchase to be canceled. Already in April, banks are allowed to reserve currency under the old rules — the day before the auction.

As the Belarusian entrepreneurs react to the current situation in the foreign exchange market? What they say about the restrictions and prohibitions on the sale of currency?


Suppliers of imported goods do not need Belarusian rubles

The leader of the coordinating council of entrepreneurs in Minsk Alexander Makaev works on the largest market in Belarus universal "Zhdanovichi." Interlocutor of "Freedom" shares his impressions of the private trade in foreign exchange restrictions:

"The market" Zhdanovichi "the mall" Grad "panic has happened over the weekend .. There went up by 20% imported goods. Why? So, now that the Polish, Ukrainian and Russian goods were bought just for the currency. None of the providers do not need Belarusian rubles. And our business in the accounts of a large amount of money that is Belarus. On the emergence of obstacles have had as active rumors about the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble. Due to the fact that the National Bank introduced various artificial restrictions on trading activity "Zhdanovichy" falls ".

In turn, the chairman of the public association of entrepreneurs "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka also negatively assesses the artificial restrictions imposed by the National Bank. He says that entrepreneurs have stronger protests. But while the public share holding back turnover associated with the end of the month. Anatoly Shumchanka elaborates:

"Now entrepreneurs are engaged in cash payments to the budget and for rent. Therefore, they have more need in Belarusian rubles. However, this situation will change soon. After April 1, entrepreneurs will need to re-purchase goods abroad. What to expect — one can only guess. But it is possible to predict the protests. Still, 90% of the goods for sale on the market, "Zhdanovichi" sold only currency … . "

Gomel Oblast

The markets back "black money changers"

Two weeks of artificial restrictions on the foreign exchange market significantly affected the activity of the Gomel entrepreneurs.

The leader of the "For Free Development of Enterprise" in Rechitza Oleg Shabetnik says that small businesses in particular confused: how and where to replenish the market with goods, if the purchase of foreign currency is limited? Oleg Shabetnik explains:

"Difficulties have emerged, defined another decline. People do not understand how to buy everything, because there is no currency. Entrepreneurs have the most tied to Russia, but buy a different currency, so as not enough of each. In Russia, you can change and dollars, euros and thence to the ruble. There is a hidden devaluation of the Belarusian ruble, hidden devaluation. And she's quick to say about themselves — if not today, then tomorrow it our ruble will collapse. "

"Black currency speculators" for some time was not with us, but now re-emerged.

As the entrepreneur, the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble will probably step, and the cost of it will fall by 20-30 percent.

Artificial regulation of the foreign exchange market has become the reason of returning to the markets of the so-called "black currency dealers":

"There are markets" black money changers "who are selling much more expensive than any currency: Russian Ruble Belarusian reaches 120, the dollar — 3200, euro — up to 4500. "Black currency speculators" for some time was not with us, but now re-emerged. "

Grodno region

Many Belarusian businessmen will remain without new contracts

Grodno entrepreneur Sir Andrew K. is engaged in manufacturing glass. Or have had difficulties due to the uncertain situation on the currency market?

"I am the domestic producer, may affect me if my hardware vendors will not have it. So far they have all the materials, but the prices have increased. Yesterday all increased in price, the suppliers have sent the letter, that due to the exceptional situation are forced to raise prices. "

Next time pay for the same materials will have four to six per cent increase, said Andrey:

"But I have not yet felt the only thing that trade credit lines take away. For example, I'm taking a supplier of goods and do not cry, because I can not pay right away, because I do not always get paid. And the major vendors help manufacturers give for processing, and the money borrowed. Now these delays no one gives. "

Another Grodno entrepreneur, Mr. Yuri talks about colleagues who are doing what it is, businesses — for example, trade:

"I'm home producer, I now do not exchange orders, so I was not affected by the problem, but I know that some of it just touched. They need to overseas contract, exchange requirement, and do not sell currencies on account. , Exit? Walking the banks are asking for. He promised, but it is now necessary, as the contracts are flying. He bought foreign goods sold in Belarusian ruble, and can not return because they can not buy the currency. It does not work because it can not enter into new contracts. "

From the lack of currency in the Grodno region rose imported building materials

Meanwhile, in Grodno building materials stores rose by 10% the price of products imported from abroad. Store owners argue that this trend is common to the whole country.

The mistress of one Grodno building materials, Lyudmila, said that imported building materials they receive from Minsk, of the firms that buy them abroad centrally and are imported into the country.

In her words, Grodno stores buy from these foreign companies building materials for Belarusian rubles. But last week, they faced the problem of lack of goods to companies in central Minsk.

What will happen next? .. All in shock and did not know what to do.

"Because they have warehouses are empty, there is no currency. It turns out, the goods they purchase can not, and try to put aside the remnants of the goods for insurance because they have the right to change the rate at which we will sell the product. It turns out that even at 10% of goods went up, and what will happen next … All in shock and did not know what to do. "

Ludmila says that this is only the first steps of rise in price of goods. But the worst may be, if it ever go away:

"They are waiting for, but it did try to sell the goods at the rate of four thousand to the dollar, then reduced to three and a half thousand, but clearly told that the product will go up, because it simply does not. Prices have risen in the stores everywhere, people often say that the imported building materials in all stores have risen. "

Hostess store sure that first of all these problems with the restriction of sales of foreign currency once again fall on the shoulders of ordinary people. She says that the imported building materials still of the highest quality, and now they are just in front of the people are not available:

"The quality, of course, our building materials have not catching imported. It happens that some of our come across as a decent, but most people choose
the best products, although they are a bit more expensive. "


"It started a chain reaction"

In Mogilev Small business problems associated with the sale of currency, not as sharp as in western Belarus. Most local businesses working with Russian rubles. Employers still worried about the prospects of the business uncertainty.

Businessman Oleg sells shoes on the market in Mogilev Vilna. Currency problem, he says, came just at the beginning of the season. After a winter lull people went to the market, and there is no exchange. Buyers rushed to the exchangers:

"Of course, everyone is shocked. Where currency if nobody does not fueling the economy? All have turned away from the country. Well it is clear now that we will earn less. The consumer will generally be tolerated. Here in Minsk, the price of the item is already counted on three thousand six hundred for a dollar, "- says Oleg.

The interviewee noted that in Mogilev entrepreneurs sell goods, based on the rate of 3100 rubles per dollar.

Merchant building materials Constantine said that in the future we should expect a rise in price of goods is not only foreign but also domestic:

"Vendors are beginning to raise prices due to the fact that the raw materials purchased abroad. Reduced purchasing power, as the materials are getting more expensive. People will buy cheaper goods. In any case, it will affect all, or, more precisely, has already affected. It's a chain reaction. "

Leonid Zaika

Economist Leonid Zaika in a commentary for "Freedom" notes that the problems with the purchase of foreign currency will contribute to the authorities' intention to squeeze out of the scope of trade of private entrepreneurs:

"I purposely am now monitoring the situation, and I want to say that small businesses have small volumes and therefore the main market of food and industrial goods remains at large firms and shops. For example, the company "Evroopt" now prevails in Minsk, and as a result of small sale of vegetables and citrus fruits should be closed. Entrepreneurs are simply thrown out of the markets in a natural way. Officials could care less. In my opinion, is the head of the National Bank Petr Prokopovich said he, they say, will not care about entrepreneurs. And so it is. "


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