Cyargeya Kovalenko will be judged on the Day of Freedom

Vitebsk activist, who was detained on March 24 by three white-red-white flags, is charged with disorderly conduct and organization of an unauthorized picket.

The Court held on March 25 at 9 am in the Railway District Court Vitebsk. Protocols for Sergei Kovalenko made in the Railway police station after being detained near so-called "Blue House" in the center of Vitebsk.

According to opposition Boris Khamaida, in front of which the arrest took place, Sergei Kovalenko launched three flags, each measuring two by three meters, and shouted slogans. Around gathered quite a lot of curious passers-by, and after 20 minutes a police car pulled up.

Several hours later, Sergei Kovalenko, was released from the site, stating that on March 25 he has come to the Railway District Court.

Sergei Kovalenko repeatedly organized in Vitebsk stock with a white-red-white flags, and not just punished for it. The most "hands-free" action Sergei Kovalenko was hanging out a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree at Victory Square in Vitebsk January 7 2010.


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