Dashkevich. Portrait against a lattice


Dashkevich came out of our country with landscapes Polesie, although the parents still lived in the Magadan region, and that is where the pregnant Olga Dashkievich could give birth to her son. But the Lord had led Dmitri into another land — and in the Gomel region, in Yelsk in the village Bagutsishchy he was born. Vyacheslav Dashkevich, Father Dmitri, a man of principle and stubborn, was a patriot of his native land and he wanted his son had mestsanarazhennya your favorite Ivatsevichy area to which legally Dmitry th ordered.

Baby Zmitser Dashkevich sees his native Belarusian territory, and after his father journalists left again on Magadanshchynu. However, to stay there and continue their lives the Lord Dmitri did not allow it. As a result, 1986 — Old roads, Minsk region, where the young man stayed until 1999.

Few people know that Dmitry on instruction of his father entered the Grodno Agricultural Institute, where he was able to learn not just one semester. Gone, not his. My father still regrets to say about this act: "I do not want to avail the collective-farm meat is" .. — Says the older Dashkievich.

.. If hunger strikes, whether sought freedom, the right to education for the Young.

So, he would not. There is a legend of the Young Front that Dmitry in 2000 came to the exam at BSU in a white T-shirt with a picture of Chase, he wanted to do journalism. Not taken. And strangely enough, so that did not get it? :)

For what ever "traditionally th ritually" ran the laces removed after the next "adsidak."

Then Dmitry in 2002, he entered the Vilnius Pedagogical University, majored in "Belarusian filyalegiya," now holds a filelyaga and white teachersRussian language.

He was the hero of the Plaza — 2006. DJ of the Renaissance and a new hope.

It is interesting that Dmitry did not like the Belarusian language as a child, though the father in the Belarusian language spoken, thought it a collective farm. But in 1995, when Lukashenko replaced falsified referendum, flag, coat of arms and the language, understand what is happening shameful abdication of its history and heritage. And then spoke. And as beautiful as spoke, linking their fate with the now more precious treasure of the Belarusian people — with the language. Now sometimes, if he wants to put to shame the Young for Russian speech, said: I just spoke in Russian.

So began the path of Dmitry in the "Young Front".

When I asked his father, what was Dashkevich, Jr., when he was still in the old road? Father netarapliva thoughtfully and said that the way he was, and such as it was — this is heaven and earth. Two different people.

He participated in all charitable activities. Not shied away from, and was happy to Santa for children from children's homes.

Life began to spin. Dmitry was a passionate young man, painfully seeing everything that was happening around him. He came out strongly on all protests and actions of the democratic forces, putting themselves under the beating and administrative prosecution. As a youth, Dmitry more than half of the total time spent on the wooden boards okrestinsky. So what? Preservation of dignity, political growth and the rise of his convictions — one side of the coin; misunderstandings with parents, permanently acquired by back problems — the other side of the coin. The young man is taken away by ambulance with severe pain in the back, which is rarely found in men over 40-50 years. And that fault? Wooden "stage" and a concrete wall. And the belief that soon it will all end.

The boy grew and became a street fighter turned into a mature political leader. Behind him — young boys and girls that proudly called Malady, his loyal friends and associates. With that could share challenges and experiences together to uphold the principles of freedom in the our country. And we were grateful to him for his journey, each of us admired him in his own way, in different ways. Young men often standing welcomed him during speeches at conferences, forums, conferences, and then when Dmitry did particularly harsh statements like that, "Young Front" will support all but the Communists in 2006 — since his youth Dmitry understood and defended the idea that you can only build a country on the foundation of God. And stick to his guns, despite the persecution of supporters in the democratic movement, knew that the Young — for him. Dmitry grew up in his eyes, his fiery speeches, his talented article on popular online resources, where Dmitry insisted stubbornly and consistently, that only we will extract their victory, only depends on us the fate of the country, attracted hundreds of people. Dmitry lives this idea and truly believes that win can only Belarusians themselves — not the East and the West does not will find our freedom.

He — an evangelical Christian. Praying, raised his arms vymalvayuchy mercy for our people.

Now Dmitry in prison with the prospect of staying there for 10 years … ridiculous to believe in fiction authorities that the day for such a significant event as the area-2011 Dmitry people shot down in the street. Apparently, the "secret police" are trying to play on parallels with the situation where another 17-year-old boy fell into boyish Dmitry fight, for which he had a conditional conviction. This unpleasant fact even went on BT in the film "Kidnapping", but added even more popularity Dmitry — people saw that he was not a rabid "sectarians", which it exposes the state, and sometimes non-governmental prapaganda.J

Dmitri, come back to us soon! We are all very, very much waiting for you at liberty: from the rich black tea without sugar and a mountain of chocolate as you like …

Anastasia Palazhanka, deputy chairman of the "Young Front" (released from custody on bail)




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