Defender Rostov Isaac Okoronkwo: I hope to play at the World Cup

In the second round match against Grozny "Terek" as a central defender in the "Rostov" debuted Nigerian Isaac Okoronkwo. Great White Shark looked good in the match against Chechen club and is now getting ready to go out on the field tomorrow in a match against Ramenkoe "Saturn", advocated by his cousin Solomon Okoronkwo. In preparation for this meeting, Isaac took the time to answer the questions of "Soviet Sport" Peter Chernenko.

— In the Moscow region, "Saturn" plays Solomon Okoronkwo. Who do you have it?

— We have in Nigeria are usually large families: 10-12 people each. And if there are people with the same surname, the more often they are related. Solomon — my cousin. However, the field has no friends and relatives. For me the important thing is to "Rostov" won every game.

— How much you have in the old players?

— Three: I, Solomon, and another brother who played in Nigeria.

— It was hard to make his debut in the yellow-blue a week after his appearance in the team?

— Of course, it is hard. I signed a contract two days before the first game, "Rostov". The next day already arrived in Rostov-on-Don. Moreover, could make his debut as early as the first round match against "Tommy." But I honestly admitted that he is not ready to play. But the next game with "Terek" I have set. But I will not hide the fact that there is still little know guys with whom I play defense. Partly because of this in the first half against Grozny was difficult.

— Can we accelerate the process of being potted?

— It helps the communication. On the field, too, need to talk, to help and prompt each other. With each workout I'm getting closer acquainted with teammates. I think it will help us improve the game.

— By the way, how you met?

— All right. I immediately started to communicate well with all the players. But in the Moscow club took some time to establish relationships with partners.

— The more so for the "Rostov" plays a lot of players from your former club …

— Yes, you're right. You know, before moving here, I thought for a long time, until called his old friend Adam. He was by that time had become a footballer, "Rostov" and practiced with the team. Roma said that there is a very good team. Yes, it can, and will not be able to earn that kind of money, as in "Moscow", but the relationship between the people are very nice, but for me it is very important. This fact has influenced my final decision to sign a contract with the "Rostov".

— Do you expect to play at the World Cup in South Africa?

— Yes, of course!

— But you had a decent break in performances for the national team of Nigeria.

— I decided to just take a break. I first had an injury, and then the Football Association has started to work in my country is weak, and this has led to a sharp deterioration of conditions for the national team. With the result that affected the results. Then I decided not to play for the national team. But now there is a lot of changes has come for a new coach who has managed to gather a great team. I, of course, is not 20 years old, but I'd be happy to go to the team to achieve good results with it at the World Cup.

— So, now from the "Rostov" will go to the World Cup is not only North Korean Hong …

— I hope so. It would be great!

— In an interview, you said they enjoy Ukrainian cuisine …

— It's all because of the fact that I played in the Ukraine for "Shakhtar" for three years. It Donetsk was for me the first city where I felt like an adult and independent person. In Moldova, where I played for the "Sheriff" to local cuisine and not used to. But the Ukrainian dishes adore.

— So you like fat and soup?

— Oh, yes! For me the soup — it's the best first course in the world!

— Head coach Oleg Protasov Rostovites just with Ukraine. It turns out that if you defeat the "Saturn", noted the success of soup with bacon?

— Of course! — Laughing Okoronkwo.

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