Denmark. Horns Rev II — The largest wind farm in the world

September 19, 2009 Mr. Dong Energy has commissioned the largest wind farm in the world Horns Rev II, $ 1 billion.  The complex of 91 wind turbines, each of which has a blade span of 93 meters, is located in the North Sea, 30 km off the west coast of Jutland. It covers an area of 35 square meters. km, and can produce a 209 megawatt energy. It is planned that this amount should be enough to power 200,000 homes for a year. To service the power plant created 9,000 jobs.

Erected Horns Rev 2 Danish company Dong Energy. The project cost is estimated at $ 1 billion. However, such high cost justified, since they include the ability to reduce the risk of carbon emissions. In addition, in 2020 the percentage of Europe's energy supplies from renewable sources should reach 20% of the total amount of energy and Horns Rev II will bring back their share.

For Denmark, it is not the first experience in the development of wind power plants. They have long been estimated that the construction of wind farms in the open sea is economically feasible, because the power of the wind on the sea, as a rule, 50% higher than on land. In 2003, she was commissioned wind farm with 72 turbines Naestved 2.3 MW, located in the south of Denmark. Then it cost the government to 262 million dollars. The station operates to this day, producing about 165 MW. It works automatically without the intervention of experts, monitors the functioning of a complex computer system.

Produces electricity and the predecessor of the new farm — Horns Rev I. She turbine 80, each of which gives a 2 MW. At the moment, these systems have one significant drawback — the high cost.

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