Dennis Tito. The first humans on Mars in 2019

Dennis Tito (Dennis Tito) the world-famous millionaire who became the first space tourist in history, announced his intention to organize expedition to Mars with humans on board. According to reports, this trip should held in 2018.

The flight should last for 501 days. Its details will be discussed at the conference, which will take place today in Washington. Mission of the organization should take profit company Inspiration Mars Foundation, founded by Tito.

Among the supporters of the project — Professor Jonathan Clark, a medical surgeon NASA. "I would not participate in the project if I did not believe in the seriousness and realism" — he assured in an interview with The Independent.

It is planned that will be sent to Mars two astronauts. The spacecraft will not even go out to the orbit of the red planet, but only take place at some distance from it. Certainly, from the scientific point of view, a manned mission can not be compared with sending landers to Mars, filled probes.

For the Mars mission will use the Dragon spacecraft with the launch vehicle Falcon 9, the production company SpaceX.
According to estimates, the cost of the mission will be approximately $ 2 billion

It is expected that Internet users will be money available to access the on-board camera, and TV commentators will be able to purchase the right to communicate with the crew.

In 2001, Dennis Tito, the head of an investment company, became the first space tourist. His stay in orbit lasted about a week and a cost of $ 20 million

Earlier, in June 2012, the organization of Mars One, announced plans to send humans to Mars and to form a permanent colony on the Red Planet.



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