Dips soil Prioksky Nizhny Novgorod region

In the yard of the house — the karst failure. Every day, residents of one of the houses in the Nizhny Novgorod region Nizhny Novgorod Prioksky greeted with fear: the failure of asphalt next to the entrance, not only threatens to destroy the wall of the house, but also the peaceful existence of the house. Pit, wash away by rain, increasing every day and slowly moving to the wall.

Land in the yard number 2 on the street Tereshkova literally goes from under mestynh residents. 3 years ago asphalt collapsed and formed a pit, which over time became more and more often remind myself, growing before our eyes. Fight with asphalt cataclysm first decided on its own. Residents Basil Kucherov spent on it for their summer holidays.

Vasily Kucherov, a resident of house number 2 on the street Tereshkova: "I collected debris and scored this well, but it all still growing. Enter the store began to fail, because the wall is crumbling."

Now with a simple measuring device is easy to estimate the length and width of the dip: about 2.5 meters. This number is constantly growing. Abundant rainfall only aggravate the situation, blurring the pit. Was sink and porch entrance, accumulating rainwater. From the outside, the house clearly show through the cracks. Against the slow but steady destruction of people came together and wrote a letter to the district administration. Expert committee came and promised to help residents, identified even terms for waterproofing the basement.

Marina Grebneva, a resident of house number 2 on the street Tereshkova: "We received a letter that compiled estimates. Then sent another letter saying that all materials submitted to the PCC. This company had to make repairs to 20 August."

However, the summer season is over, but the situation is not changed. In the district administration explained that all the forces thrown at another job.

Andrei Chertkov, mayor of Oka region: "All workers are now engaged in repairing roofs. Few missed the situation out of control. Over the weekend gap in the basement will be cemented, the hole covered, and drainage from the house will be done."

However, during this time the failure may well rise further.

It should be noted that immediately after the arrival of the crew of the "news — Volga" employees Domoupravlyayuschey Oka area of the pit filled up with sand. However, this is a temporary measure, which is far from the capital of waterproofing the basement. We will monitor the situation.

If your company domoupravlyayuschaya inactive, and the promised turnaround time came to an end, call the "hot" line "message — Volga": 4-333-400.

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