Disc of Nebra. In the footsteps of the ancient calendar


Disc of Nebra — Is the name given to a unique artifact, found by two German treasure hunters in 1999 near the town of Nerba. At the moment he is the oldest calendar in the world, the debate about which flash each time with renewed vigor.

It is believed that this unusual disc 32 inches in diameter, about the true purpose of which disputes can not cease till now, was established around 1800 BC, that is, him a little less than 4000 years! It is made of bronze, and all the elements on it: the sun, the moon, the stars and mysterious solar boat of gold.

Before you drive into the hands of museum curators, he repeatedly resold on the black market, replacing one owner another, until in 2001 he was not seized by the police the next transaction. Despite its clear value in the world of antiques lovers to this day do not cease debate about its authenticity. Multiple examinations are held almost every year, but so far none of them has denied its ancient origin.

At 25 kilometers from the place where he was found this calendar, scientists had unearthed the most ancient of the now discovered observatories set up near the village of Gocek more than 7,000 years ago. Archaeologists believe that between the disc of Nebra and this astronomical object is present close relationship.

Officially, this lunar calendar days tillers used to determine the time of planting and harvesting. But there will always be people who believe that the ancient artifact something more than commonly assumed.

V.A.Chudinov, known for his research in the field of interpretation in the field of Slavic writing argues that disc of Nebra was created by ancient Slavic tribes, in proof of which he points to the letters of the alphabet, familiar to all of us.

Some scholars argue that this astronomical instrument is the oldest instrument depicting the sky. With the images of the sun old could determine the day and year, with the moon — numbered months. Before the advent of this discovery it was thought that the cause solar and lunar year in the necessary balance for the first time were able to Babylon as many as a thousand years.

How could people do this Bronze Age discovery — remains a mystery. The same is haunted by the question whether they have come to this yourself, or knowledge was obtained from more advanced civilization?


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