Dmitry Usu gift for his birthday — a stage in the colony

Dmitry Uss met on Volodarka 40th anniversary. Andrei Sannikov reading of the trial transcript. Ales Kvyatkevicha carried from Minsk to Ivatsevichy colony for three days. Alexander Otroshchenkov investigators questioned the military prosecution of torture in the KGB.

June 10 Prisoner Queen Dmitry Uss celebrated birthday. Ex-presidential candidate was 40 years old. The prisoner's wife Eugenia had a short meeting with him, during which learned: that night her husband etapiruyut the colony. Sentence 5 and a half years in prison Dmitry Uss will serve in the Mogilev colony number 19, which in the mid-2000s, was sitting at the insult Alexander Lukashenko businessman Valery Levaneuski.

Eugene Vc Liberty reported on the conditions in which Dmitri was in the last days:

His recently moved to a cell size of 12 meters, where there is nothing but 6 beds.

"The chamber is very hot. His recently moved to a cell size of 12 meters, where there is nothing but 6 beds. Says he can not even go well. Grilles on the windows but they still hung iron shutters that could not see that on the street. Partly kept, but says the food is very bad. Some chaff in which add kambitlushch that was impossible even to wash the spoon of dish detergent. It feeds that will convey with. But part is doing well. "

Eugene gave to her husband and vegetables wafer cake — to celebrate the birthday with the inmates. According to her, the health of my husband complained.

Former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov in the chamber is studying reports of the hearing. This was the mother of the prisoner learned from his letter. «Cheers son complained. He's met a lawyer, then we say that looks good, cheerful mood, "- said the Freedom Alla Sannikov. Response to her statement to the Department of Corrections mother of the political prisoner has not yet received.

June 6 Alla Sannikov wrote a letter to her son was not transferred to serve his sentence Coppola colony where very bad, as suggested by a woman, the environmental conditions.

Klaskouski Olga, sister of the prisoner, a former policeman Alexander Klaskouski, learned that his brother on the night of June 11 etapiruyut a colony in Shkloŭ:

I just brought him a pass, and I was informed that there will be stage.

"Today, by chance, it became known that on the night of Alexander etapiruyut the Shklou colony. I just brought him a pass, and I was informed that there will be stage. I also asked if Alexander to serve his sentence in a special unit for former militiamen. I answered Volodarka that it is not known. I know what a special unit in Shklou colony there. "

According to the rules, convicted former police kept separate from the mainstream of the colony, in order to avoid unwanted conflicts between prisoners.

Mother Alexander Kvyatkevicha According to the Ivatsevichy colony "Wolf hole," June 10 that her son was brought to the colony. Elena Kvyatkevich calculated: the stage from Minsk to Ivatsevichy lasted three days. The first week of Ales Kvyatkevich be quarantined. As reported on the freedom of the colony prisoner Pavel Vinogradov, placed in quarantine must sleep in the open air, as the body is being renovated.

June 10th wife of political prisoner Ales Otroshchenkov Darya Korsak was summoned to the military prosecutor's office to get her testimony about the known facts of torture in the KGB prison. In March, investigators were trying to take the testimony of this and from Ales Otroshchenkov, which was still kept in the "American." However, the prisoner refused to speak with an investigator without a lawyer. Darya Korsak said that the military prosecutor's office, she was told about the intention to interrogate Alexander Otroshchenkov in prison on his allegations of torture in the KGB:

"Next week will define a lawyer who will go to the colony to Ales that he's made a clarification on this topic — of torture in the KGB. "



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