Dog food for Defenders: under investigation

Dog food for Defenders: under investigationIn Primorye, during the prosecutor's investigation military unit, where he served as major of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation Igor Matveyev, who told that in Vladivostok soldiers of internal troops get better food for dogs detected the theft of canned food warehouse with a $ 1 million.

The military prosecutor's office of the Eastern Military Area said on Mon, that, according to investigators, data theft made the chief food warehouse military unit.

"According to the military prosecutor's office Spassk Far garrison he (Nachprod) suspected of stealing food from the warehouse to the amount of more than 1 million rubles, including canned" Beef in its own juice, "- said in a statement.

According to investigators, in order to conceal the shortage-stick labels on the jars were canned dog food with which to make a meal troops should not be used.

"Proceedings of the prosecutor's investigation focused in military Investigation Department Spassk Far garrison for a criminal case, "- the report says.

In addition, the inspection carried out before the military prosecutor's office of the Ussuri garrison, where he served Matveev, the facts of the illegal stay of foreign people and perform operational activities on the ground unit located in the town of Vladivostok.

To address these and other violations of the law and verbovaniya guilty persons to responsibility to the commander of the Eastern Regional Command of the Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry made two representations. Two officials announced warnings about violating the law, "Interfax".

Earlier it was reported that the Web was located a video message chief of army and security services headquarters of the 107th Brigade (military unit N6890, Vladivostok) Major Igor Matveyev.

The appeal officer said the conscripts and contract were fed to dogs. In addition, as evident from the roller on the ground military unit live illegally in 18 migrant workers from China, and even what kind of car, including taxis can enter the area without the inspection.

Commenting on this information, the chief of the press service of the Interior Troops of the Russian Federation Vasily Panchenkov said that the meat preserves zatarivaemsya internal forces for service dogs are kept in warehouses and on the soldier can not get a table.

Talking about the system works, Panchenko said that the terrain military unit they are civilian contractors, which forms the structure of the brigade of civilian persons.

"Despite the fact that Matveev dismissed from military service, his video message is not ignored. All information will be tested, although all previous similar complaints Major found the evidence did not" — identified Panchenkov.

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