Earth from space through the eyes of domestic satellites

July 22, 2012 launch vehicle "Soyuz-FG" to the launch of Russian satellites "Canopus-V" and ICA-FKI1 ("Zond-PP"). July 28, 2012 launch vehicle "rumble" satellite was launched "the world" ("Jubilee 2"). Each of the above three satellites has onboard opto-electronic equipment to send images of the Earth from space. Perhaps this is the first case in the country's history, when during the week immediately launched three satellites with cameras, a fact that domestic media, of course, was safely clap. For the time elapsed since the start of all the satellites images were obtained, with a few can be found in the gallery under the cut.


More pictures here:…_center/kanopus_v30082012 

Of "World":

"Zond-PP" (hyperspectrometer)

Well, until the pile picture with "pensioner", "Resource-DK":

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