Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 occurred in Northwest China

Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 occurred in Northwest ChinaThe results of the elements — a large-scale accidents, broken rail, the abolition of entrance exams, students

VLADIVOSTOK, June 9, PrimaMedia. 5.3 magnitude earthquake that occurred on June 8 in northwestern China has provoked a massive accident, violated rail, abolished entrance examinations for applicants, there are victims in serious condition, according to RIA PrimaMedia.
The earthquake occurred at 09:53 Beijing time, the county Toksun in Turpan Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (northwest China), said China Seismological Service. Quake epicenter was located at coordinates 43.0 degrees north latitude and 88.3 degrees east longitude, the center lies at a depth of about 5 km.

According to Xinhua news agency citing Xinjiang Seismological Bureau, within 7 minutes after the earthquake almost one and the same place there were two tremors of magnitude 4.1 and 4.2. The epicenter of earthquake was located 30 km from the center of the county Toksun and 80 km from the city of Turpan.

Despite the fact that the tremors were felt strongly in the center of the county Toksun, they did not affect the normal life and work of the local residents. Seismologists exclude the possibility of strong aftershocks in the affected areas.

However, because of the earthquake victims are still there, they were, at least five people were injured in a traffic accident caused by an earthquake. State two injured is serious, the chief of the local road service Tsizhuy Zhang. Due to the earthquake area Hougou highway Turpan — Urumqi — Dahuanshan dozens of stones fell from the mountain, causing car drivers, who were traveling on that stretch of highway, to make an emergency stop. As a result, faced 17 cars.

Besides element prevented applicants — because of the earthquakes have been temporarily suspended annual entrance exams, which are considered the largest and most important test for the Chinese students.

As reported in the local administration, the earthquake in Toksun over 800 students took part in the college entrance exams, they were promptly evacuated to safe places.

Also two hours was suspended trains on some sections of railways Lanzhou — Urumqi and Turpan — Kurlya.

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