Egypt. Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut

Not far from Luxor, in the area of archaeological site of Deir el-Bahri, before our era has built a unique doleful temple. He was named the majestic female pharaoh Hatshepsut. It was built exactly 9 years, during the life of the ruler.

Luxurious Egyptian temple was built by the architect Senmuta. There is speculation that he was the lover of Hatshepsut. Maybe that's why the temple was so unusual and beautiful views? Sanctuary itself been cut directly into the rock, and it is a three terraces, which are located at different levels and connected by wide ramps. The temple is decorated with Egyptian sculptures, and two sphinxes guarding him. However, in order to go directly to the building will have to overcome two ramp.

There are several shrines. One of them is dedicated to the god Anubis, the other — to the goddess Hathor, one more thing — the most god Amun. It also want to be able to see pictures and sculptures dedicated to the ruler Hatshepsut. The construction of funerary temple female pharaoh spared no expense, and it was building it just for the love of Amon, its sacred father. Today it stands at the sanctuary of the steep cliffs that serve this architectural masterpiece excellent background.



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