End of the world — how it can be

End of the world, perhaps, is the most popular topic in recent years, which discusses the media. No matter for what reasons there are such interpretations: maybe just all the pall, and speak no more to be, and can do everything related to the new millennium, is not clear. If you look back at the history of mankind, we can easily find the date that had to be the last for the people, they are usually connected to the end and entry into the new millennium.

Let's imagine that forecasters were right, and all of us will inevitably be the end of the world, then the question arises, what is waiting for us, from which all will die? Answers a set of disagreement: the people assert different, and scientists also do not find consensus among themselves. Let's see what options doomsday is the most popular.

1. Poor environment, the melting of the ice cold pole, because of all this — global warming. The greenhouse effect is not
myth, but a harsh reality, if this goes on, very soon, faster than many people think we are waiting for the deluge. Can you imagine that a third of the total land area, according to scientists minds will be underwater. Many plants will die,
animals, and all the people simply do not have room for such a small amount of land.
2. Back in school, we were all on the lessons of geography, the ozone layer, which saves us from the radiation coming from outer space, is extremely small, but in spite of this, humanity persistently uses all that destroys it. Holes in the ozone layer proliferate with relentless speed. What happens if it is not gone? End of the world for all of us, the radiation of the sun just
kill all life.
3. The Fall to Earth cosmic body (asteroid) — the most common variant of the doomsday. From the death of the dinosaurs? Many believe that the fall of the meteorite. So we may well expect the same end. Centuries will pass, and it may
be our remains will be showing off at the museum. Or perhaps a different outcome: a meeting with the object from space will be fatal for the planet, explosion, and the whole earth smashed to pieces, the shards will take to new planets, and they will be for her companions.
4. End of the world — in the literal sense of the word, just the sun goes out. Recently filmed the movie took this idea on board.
Yes, the sun will cool down, but according to scientists it come to pass, not earlier than ten billion years. How do you think we'll still be there in that era?
5. Alien attack. This end of the world order become boring: movies, fantasy stories. They are already more than enough. But, I wonder whether there will take over the Earth extraterrestrial intelligence? While it is impossible to say that we have not yet found alive
beings in the cosmos.
6. Destroy man himself, and along with the planet. Is not it true that it is this version, however what other looks very
plausible. Enough to listen to or read the summary of news: that the attack here and there, an armed attack, and before the war
close. And what kind of weapons will go into the first turn, of course nuclear. If you start a nuclear war, then our world will turn into one big Chernobyl.
7. Apocalypse will bring to Earth drowning in sin, none other than the Dark Prince. Or come Fear of God
Court, in these versions believe religious, pious people.
8. Artificial intelligence will destroy all life. Sound familiar? Yes, the plot of the famous film can become a reality, look at the development of HiTech. It is clear that is not far off and this development, which shows us a blockbuster, with the only difference that this end of the world will be a reality.
9. The inversion of the magnetic poles of the Earth will change the direction of rotation of the planet and to the disappearance of the magnetosphere
Land. Because of this, the Earth was bombarded with cosmic rays, which will destroy all life on the planet.
10. A huge cloud of ash and dust in the atmosphere can be caused by a monstrous scale volcanic eruption and cause doomsday at the end of 2012. Because of its high density is a risk that the sun's rays can not
make their way to the surface of the earth, that will be the beginning of the "nuclear winter."
11. End of the world is possible because of the offset center of the Earth, the solar system and the galaxy, which can line up in a straight line. The result of this displacement of the center could be amplified by the gravitational and electromagnetic interactions of galactic radiation solar gravitational lensing. Impact on our planet (its magnetic field igravitatsionnoe) beam, which may arise from these changes is unknown. Maybe it is not supported by the study of this phenomenon at the moment.

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