Enraged wasp swarm attacked a woman with children in Yerevan

Photo: tumen.kp.ruUnprecedented for Yerevan incident occurred on one of the main crossroads of the Armenian capital. The woman and her two children of school age, which she walked me home after school, lashed wasp swarm. As told to the site "Erevan.Ru" Emma, who asked not to call her family, all attempts to get rid of something angry insects ended inconclusively, wasp stung the woman and her children, and pursued them to the very threshold of the house.

According to Emma, wasps attacked out of the blue. "My children and severely bitten. We tried to brush off, run away, but they are not far behind, stung anywhere. Already before reaching the house, long hair combed out of wasps, they even climbed into clothing. All this was like a scene from a horror movie," — said woman. Fortunately, the special effects of attacks had "cost the receiving sedatives and anti-allergy pills."
This amazing incident commented entomology department head of the Center of Zoology and Hydro National Academy of Sciences, Mark Kalashian. According to him, in that area of the city, "someone apparently stirred up a hornets' nest." "In this case, the insects can enrage and attack anyone who comes near. Worked in this case the mechanism of" first bite ": when one of the wasps stings man released the active substance pheromone, once the system is activated and chemical communication feeling pheromone remaining insects also attack the victim. In such cases, the best — try to escape, "- said Kalashian. Incidentally, the fact that the bite is not much on the health of victims, is not surprising. Sometimes even a wasp sting can cause severe allergic reactions, and in other cases the body reacts relatively quiet. So Emma and her children, we can say lucky.

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