Epidemic viral disease resembling AIDS spreading in China

The poster, which informs about AIDS, posted on the eve of World AIDS Day in Beijing.The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing, a reporter from the New Express Daily, dressed in protective clothing, interviewed painful and emaciated patients from different regions of China. Their symptoms are similar to the symptoms of AIDS, but even retested for HIV — negative.

Lin Jun, one of the patients, said that he had once been full, and now — nothing but skin and bones. All his joints deformed.

Lin called in the "big brother" for his kindness. He helps other patients when they lose hope, and some even considered suicide.

Lin's mother in 2008, received a blood transfusion in the hospital. After that she began to sweat at night, she went numb limbs ached all appeared creaking joints, rashes on the hands, she lost weight.

In May of that year, Lin accidentally became infected through contact with the blood of the mother. Fourteen days later he rose lymph nodes in the neck, there were pops and pain in the knee joints, pain throughout the body. He also started vomiting after every meal, but the left side of his face swollen. In six months his weight dropped from 82 to 52 kilograms.

Three months later, his wife and child to feel the same symptoms.

Lin said he went through all the major hospitals in Shanghai, but was unable to get an accurate diagnosis. He made the HIV test eight times, and each time the test was negative.

Then he found in the online blog "The negative group," which incorporated the same patients. Everyone had a negative HIV test, and no one could find the cause of the disease.

Several Chinese media have recently reported that the Department of Health of Guangdong Province has confirmed that in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong appeared sick, infected by a virus. Patients think they have AIDS, but testing does not confirm this.

In Guangdong Province organized a group of clinical experts, epidemiologists and psychologists to work in this direction. The Ministry of Health has selected six provinces — Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangsu and Guangdong — a few patients for epidemiological studies, but there are no results.

In most of the 30 cases investigated by the "New Express Daily," the patient said that their relatives and friends are also infected. Most of these patients are infected sexually. Some experts have diagnosed many patients with AIDS-phobia.

The disease seems to be highly contagious and can be transmitted through the liquid on the skin, a kiss, a common dish and pot. After infection, the immune system may be exposed to destruction, resulting in a reduced number of white cells in the blood and the body's ability to defend against infectious disease and foreign bodies.

Prior to that, the official health agencies conducted testing such patients only for HIV without checking for other viruses. When HIV tests came negative, many patients stop taking protective measures when dealing with others. As a result, many relatives and friends were infected.

One infected told "The Epoch Times" that the disease is highly contagious, so it is difficult to prevent infection of others. His wife and two-year child, apparently, already infected. They will have similar symptoms.

The retired officer said, "The Epoch Times", which he contracted in 2009 at a party at a friend's house. "I thought that I had just a little unwell, so involved in all kinds of activities. Consequently, more than 100 of my colleagues, friends and family have been infected, "- he said.

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