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It is difficult to find the ruler of the country, which would neglect the prophecies in his address. Forecasters 'good' fates were close to the kings and monarchs in ancient times. They come to the offices of many heads of state and in our days. For Adolf Hitler's dilemma to believe or not to believe astrologers and clairvoyants, who did not exist. He not only devoutly to rely on their own fate, but it was believed that clairvoyants are able to actively change the future through their predictions. That is why the prophets with undesirable prophecies he ended up in a concentration camp or destroyed by other means. Was no exception, and Erik Jan Hanussen full of diverse adventures whose life is a prime example.

Early years of visionary future

Eric Hanussen grew up in a poor Jewish family, receiving a birth name Hershmann-Haim. As he later wrote in his biography, foresight he first appeared at the age of three years. It was then, for some strange reason, he himself, in trouble he ran into the house of the apothecary, waking his girlfriend, daughter of the house, which they immediately hid in the nearest cemetery. After that there was a pharmacist in the house explosion …

In 13 years, unable to bear poverty and knocks her stepmother, which besides him had two children, he ran away from home, we came to a touring circus, which then traveled through Europe. Half-starved life and anti-Semitic bullying others have left their mark on the personality of the young Hershmanna-Chaim, was the reason for the change in his character and all his further fate. At the time, working as an assistant of a magician, posing as a clairvoyant, he learned all his tricks, which he later used in his work. In all his activities as a messenger boy Hanussen tried a variety of professions: a clown, a rider, an acrobat, and even tried to sing. From all this, he took only one lesson: the audience can easily sink to the most primitive magic, and so he always used this simple skill, along with the actual clairvoyance when he has something did not work and when there was a real opportunity to make good money.

During and after the war

With the outbreak of World War Hershmann Haim was drafted into the army and as a regular infantry regiment was sent to the Eastern Front. Once at a free session of telepathy, they arranged for the entertainment of his colleagues, he predicted his commander that of a son. Indeed, shortly commander received a letter from home, where everything is confirmed. Delighted by the newly appointed head of the seer raised in a military rank and gave him the cash prize, which Hershmann Haim shared with the military censor, shred on duty all the incoming mail. That censor and said Hanussenu on addition of offspring in the family of his commander. In the spring of 1918 Hershmann Haim with the help of the same company commander was discharged, and, using the same links, signed a contract with one of the biggest concert halls in Vienna, where he acted as a telepath. Since then it has been called by Eric Ian Hanussenom, clairvoyant from Denmark, which allowed him to not only get rid of nationalist attacks, but also opened the way to the Nazi Party. Quirky Hanussen quickly met with a number of Nazi bosses, and even become a friend at hand Himmler — Heydrich, that, in fact, and he has opened a direct route to the top. Already in the 20's after a series of predictions Hanussen teaches public speaking skills Hitler himself, who had not yet had such power. Since that time, the newspapers began to appear "scientific" predictions about the future greatness Hanussena Hitler, which, of course, could not pass unnoticed by the Fuhrer himself.

However, after a series of scandalous adventures Hanussen was forced into hiding by the Austrian Justice in Berlin, but soon there is still before the court. He actually threatened a prison sentence for fraud. The judges were ready to return a verdict that he was not a clairvoyant, but an ordinary crook, as Hanussen suddenly starts to sway from side to side and lose consciousness. Jam-packed courtroom freezes in anticipation. Hanussen sepulchral voice, eyes, said that now the station is a man in a suitcase which is stolen them a million dollars. The police immediately finds and retains said the robber. Hanussenu gift was a flurry of applause and his release from custody in the courtroom.

Triumph predictor

Magical influence Eric Hanussena vengeance contributed advertising. As a result, his very name evokes awe. To maintain the image on the previous height predictor began producing their own newspaper to 200,000 copies, and for devout supporters occult magazine "Another World." In addition, the money collected Hanussen huge library of esoteric literature, which logs all comers. It contained a large staff, organizing individual consultations on a variety of issues — from politics to love affairs, as well as giving the public sessions of clairvoyance. With all this Hanussen organized trade amulets, charms and other occult thing, which gave him a decent income. It is known that Hanussen on personal things of man, which he held in his hands, could accurately describe the nature of the owner, called his name, medical history and biographical facts. Using this talent, he often helped police in difficult cases where the evidence appears insufficient …

Eventually he became so rich that he built in Berlin, "The Palace of the occult," in front of the bronze statue that he built himself, and one of the universities even awarded him the title of professor of the occult sciences. By Hanussenu repeatedly applied for predictions not only ordinary members of the Nazi party, but its leaders — Goebbels, Ribbentrop, Goering and Hitler …

Sometime in January 1933, has once again met with Hitler, Hanussen studied the lines on his palm and predicted that the Fuhrer soon subdue not only Germany but the whole world. Indeed, after a few days, Hitler most votes in the election received the highest position of leadership — he became Chancellor of Germany. It was again noted Fuhrer, who so believed in the occult powers Hanussena that took him to his office every day and hour.

Meeting with Wolf Messing

Hanussen opened the way to another seer. They found a young Wolf Messing, who, unlike most Hanussena, did not hide his nationality as in Nazi Germany greatly complicates his life. But the main thing was not even that, and the nature of his predictions. If Hanussen gave pleasing to the Fuhrer of the prophecy, then messing directly said that the Third Reich would collapse, if Germany attacked the Soviet Union. Impressed prediction Messing Hitler once asked Hanussena about clairvoyants and Hanussen bluntly told him that messing no charlatan. The Führer was furious and ordered to destroy all the soothsayers and astrologers, leaving himself only Hanussena.

Although Hanussen Messing saw his rival, he helped him to escape in his car, and with his pass beyond Germany. Messing, in turn, suggested Hanussenu and go with him, because he had a presentiment of evil. But Hanussen too much faith in his star.

The tragic end of the clairvoyant

As with any successful person who has had many Hanussena not only well-wishers, fervently believe in its occult powers, but also envy and enemies. They turned out to be very different people. Almost Hanussena friendly acquaintance with Hitler and the distinct influence on the latter caused a famous Nazi fierce hatred. The companions of magic, especially those that Hanussen their influence and power removed from business, felt for him enmity and jealousy. But finally topple "unsinkable" Eric Hanussena could only communist press. Their reporters found out that Hitler personal astrologer Dane, and a Jew. One of the Communist journalists went so far as to write a letter not disdained Goebbels himself, which made reference to the fact that Hanussen not only a Jew, but the rabbi and his nephew, and it was too much.

If before Hanussen not pay attention to such attacks, but now he was forced to defend himself. He said through the press that he was from a family of Danish nobles who died in a car accident, then still in its infancy was adopted by a Jewish family from the nearby Moravian village. As evidence, he cited the adoption papers that he is ready to show everyone …

In this Hanussen, as if nothing had happened, continue to give two public performances on the day, while in his house is not a group of stormtroopers broke. He was arrested and taken to the Gestapo, presenting a serious charge: fake document Aryan origin for the purpose of illegal entry into the ranks of the Nazi party and the entry into the confidence of Hitler to destroy their ranks …

I must admit that Hanussen, despite external and ostentatious carelessness, foresaw a final, and was preparing to run as an independent Prague, but it just do not have time. In the spring of 1933 Hanussena secretly and without court shot. However, the Nazis did not dare to tell the whole truth about Hanussene, believing that the story puts the funny and the plight of their own. And so the central organ of the Nazi Party newspaper "Volkischer Beobachter" was put to a brief message stating that the "famous magician Eric Hanussen attackers was killed, and his body was found in the woods near Potsdam."

Opinion parapsychologist

Hanussen, no doubt, was a gifted clairvoyant, a good psychologist and just a smart man. Otherwise, he would have failed to achieve such success. But, at the same time, proven to be very nimble Hanussen swindler and adventurer. All of these qualities, he had not only from birth, but because of the rough and tumble of life and the various hardships in his youth …

Today Export Log "Great Hanussena" with records of all his prophecies, including the famous prediction Reichstag fire, the establishment in the near future, the atomic bomb, solar power, heart transplants and many more and much more. His last entry in the diary — a horrible death in New York, sinking into the lake of fire. As you know, the same thing was predicted later Edgar Cayce and Wang …

Eric Jan Hanussen remain in the annals of world history of parapsychology as a complex and contradictory personality, which with all its shortcomings reflected trends of the time. On it was written by Leon Feuchtwanger's book "Brothers Lautenzak" and put five feature films.

Arkady Vyatkin, parapsychologist

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