Especially for the detractors of Russian Union

Especially for the detractors of the Soviet UnionDuring the second half of the XIX century, it was above the 20 lean years.
Data for the late XIX-early. XX centuries.
From the report of the king for 1892 (in particular the poor and barren) year"Only by crop failure deaths to 2-million Orthodox souls." After all, according to the laws then in the statistics only include those who read the burial service in the Orthodox churches, and the evidence of the number of victims of "foreigners" Old Believers, "atheists" not at all. But even after all what a normal person it is clear that here is even in the same Vyatka province, shoulder to shoulder on the Russian men are long lived and worked the same land conservatives, "aliens" like "unbaptized mordvy and Votyaks." Catholics were killed own account, but the data in the general report is not submitted.

Report of Nicholas II for January 1902: "In the winter of 1900-01, the starving 12 provinces with a total population to 42 million people. From that mortality 2000000 813 thousand Orthodox souls."

In N 10 "Russian weekly" for 1903 year we read: "For the oppression of the rebellion of farmers and workers of Poltava and Kharkiv province sent to two hundred thousand soldier standing army, and all the available local Cossack and gendarmerie forces." The newspaper "Kyiv Bulletin" on March 9 of the same year in the accident reported: "Yesterday, three gendarmes hacked swords blind singer for the content of the song crying:" Oh, there will be a good time worker will eat your fill and pans — one willows. "

In 1911 (after so much lauded "Stolypin's reforms"): "Starve 9 provinces with a total population of up to 32 million people. From that mortality 1 million 613 thousand Orthodox souls. "

According to a report on a yearly session of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Empire: "From 6-7 million a year being born babies up to 43% did not live up to 5 years. 31% in one form or another show signs of nutritional deficiency: rickets, scurvy, pellagra, etc. . " Even then, the question was raised about the fact that "the wholesale drunkenness violates the poorest health of your baby before birth it." In a separate section lists a large number of the epidemic and its victims: adults and children older than 1 year.

From the report for 1912 year against the words: "Almost every tenth child of a peasant number of examined represents the different features of intellectual deficiency. scarcity But this is not just inborn. A significant fraction of it stems from the fact that the ancestors engaged in labor do not have the time at least once to develop it , intellectual and motor, according to their age. Also, even with it's pretty talk and encourage caresses the child within the time frame studied read, walk, and so on. " — Hand of the king says, "Does not matter," and bear the signature high.

The same mark — against the lines that "the average life expectancy of 30.8 years the population of the Russian Federation." According to the laws then in statistics (not counting the "neotpetyh" in the churches, as was mentioned above) did not go as mortality babies up to 1 year.

From 1880 to 1916 year you can lead a sad result of "unnatural circumstances" (famine, disease, infant mortality, crime circumstances, the oppression of the peasant revolts, as in "small wars" not counting the World) in advance killed up to 20 million "Orthodox souls."

In its issue of January 2, 1910 "St. Petersburg Vedomosti" reported: "… took a small New Year reception, attended by any of His Majesty the Russian Government with the family. Also invited were the 20 richest people of the Russian Federation, with the number of invitations they were respectively on their capital January 1 last year. " Below is a list of these was posted invited in order according to the invitations. Opened this list: A.Nobel (owner of a great number of oil fields), a banker and industrialist Chaim Rothschild Singer. They were followed by R.Chandler (auto magnate) P.Shmetskhen (shipping companies), etc. While the citizens of the Russian Federation (not to mention nationality, profession, etc.) in this list were only three of industrialist Putilov (12th place), the owner of a huge neftepriiskov Mantashev (13th place) and Georgian prince, General Chikovani ( 20th place). In total, according to statistics, "Russian Economic Society," every first-published in the newspaper "The Exchange announcements," the beginning of 1913 62% of a large Russian industry in the hands of foreigners (who did not have citizenship of the Russian Federation), another 19% — in a mutual or other joint ownership (equity, etc.).

And for a snack detractors … In the period of 1884-1885 years., Conducted a survey homestead villages Orel province, where the questionnaire form cut one question: "How many and what books are in the family?" … And now, farmers have responded: 1) 82% of the households had no books, and 2) In Orel county to weave literate farmers were only 53 books, 3) of the seventeen thousand with little books that were in peasant households, the share of artistic, scientific and other secular literature had only 16%, on titles Statistics: — 1) "Battle with Russian Kabardinians" (29 copies.) — 2) "The story of the brave knight Frantsele Veneziani" (21 copies.) — 3) "in English Milord "(15 copies.) — 4) books Nekrasov (" Frost reddish nose, "" Last Song, "a poem) — (5 copies.) — Leo Tolstoy — (10 books) — Krylov — (10 books) — Ershov — (6 books) — Pushkin — (5 books) — Griboedoev — (4 books) — rings, Benedictine, Ostrovsky, Leskov, Dostoevsky — 1 book.
There were some issues of magazines, including "Contemporary"
Statistics prepared by OM Zhirnov [Zhirnov Joseph (Osip Mikhailovich) — 1860-1918 years

Speaking of education under the tsars or "With what really struggled revolutionaries."
"Circular on the cook's children" — published July 1, 1887 the Minister of Education of the Russian Empire Count of ID Delyanov and prescribed for admission to the school to refrain "from entering their kids coachmen, footmen, cooks, laundresses, small shopkeepers, and the similarities of people Kids whom, except gifted with unusual abilities, not be taken out of the environment, to the way they belong. "

Circular relied on the opinions of Alexander III (Alexander belongs to review the testimony of a peasant MA Ananyin that her son wants to study in high school — "It's the scary man, but also reaches into the high school!") And K. M . Pobedonostseva the need to "cool down" Russian society by limiting the movement of the "base" population in the commoners and the students, the main driving force of the revolutionary upsurge of previous years. Of schools were expelled representatives of the lower strata of society, smogshie pay the tuition for their own children. Namely, from Odessa High School was expelled Nicholas Korneichuk (Chukovski).

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