Etna volcano continues to erupt, ejecting molten magma

Etna volcano continues to erupt, ejecting molten magmaLocated on the Italian island of Sicily Mount Etna, the eruption which began on January 3, continues its activity, accompanied by the emission of lava, local media reported.
According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy, the activity of Etna in an area south-east of the crater. However, if in the early months of the eruption is only expressed in the release of volcanic "bombs" (large stones) and large amounts of ash, the night of Thursday, seismologists recorded eruption of lava from the crater of Etna.
According to Italian media, the evacuation of the local population was not performed.
Watch this magnificent sight could inhabitants of the town of Catania and Taormina: first the highest volcano in Europe threw up a fountain of hot magma, and then jets of lava and hot ash began to flow down the slopes of Etna. All this is accompanied by a large cloud of volcanic smoke.
Catania airport was briefly closed on Wednesday night, but with a decrease in the activity of Etna, it was decided to resume his work, and his staff are closely monitoring the situation.
At present the volcano a bit "relaxed". However, according to seismologists, Lava can resume.

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