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Evangeline Adams — Perhaps the most famous and the "strong" woman astrologer XX century. Her books, teaching science predictions are sold by the stars so far and are the benefits of modern specialists in this field. The most striking thing is that her horoscopes and predictions were almost always true, with it did not matter whether they relate to individual, or an entire country!

She was born February 8, 1868 in the small town of Jersey City. In childhood and youth than any notable not allocated until the age of 28 are not met with Professor Herbert J. Smith, who studied astrology — not lawful at the time of science. It was he who taught Evangeline be the horoscope. But their friendship did not last long, as her mentor in 1897 was jailed for fraud. After a while Herbert Smith hanged himself in his own cell, and under his body found a letter from his ardent admirer, pester professors for about a year of letters. The letter was only one sentence: "I have determined the date of your death."
Adams never frightened and did not tell anyone your date of birth and even changed her passport in order to avoid such an outcome.

Soon Evangeline astrological salon opens at Copley at what the true purpose of his hiding.

One of the first truly wealthy people of the U.S., which it has made a correct prediction to conclude bargain was a millionaire Morgan. Her fee was huge and she and her husband moved to a better area of the city.

The fame of the entire country was brought to her newspapermen who predicted after a fire at Evangeline spread the news and all-seeing a woman for most of the country. Note that the manager of the hotel did not believe Adams, resulting in its establishment burned down together with his daughter and wife, and she Evangeline prudently slipped from there the day before the tragedy.

Journalists in New York after the incident was asked to create a horoscope for the entire city. What she predicted for the next 10 years, it seemed incredible, but time will put everything in its place, once again proving the correctness of the astrologer.

She began to ask for drawing up horoscopes most notable people of England. Among them were the kings and their approximate people. Once it all came to pass just a wave of orders.

The richest people in the world came knocking at her door with a request to shed light on their fate. Following the fame came and problems. Since its start in 1912 to subpoena with enviable regularity. The charge — fraud. She managed to convince a judge and jury that what she does — an exact science. Once, for the sake of confirmation of his words, it is calculated in the courtroom judge the fate of her son's date of birth. Everything was so true that the referee stopped the deal. Moreover this incident gave rise to recognize astrology as a legitimate exercise!

The interest in horoscopes skyrocketed and home-grown astrologers became incredibly much. The First World War and the wave of epidemics after it modified the process of prosperity Evangeline. Her son died, Adams was not inadvertently horoscope for him, she went to the hospital, and her husband filed for divorce.

A month later, she started a new life by creating "an astrological eugenics." Evangeline advise couples to be more successful when to have children, and helped pick up children from children's homes without children. She herself was again married husband and began her writing career. The most famous work and reprinted Adams — "Astrology. Your place in the Sun, "" Astrology. Your place in the Sun. " She has performed on radio, answering fan mail.

She died in 1932, 10 November. Predicted his own death.

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