Even today, March 25

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Cloud …

…and windy. Temperature: -3 — 0 C.

Do not pass:

In Minsk, the square Kolas opposition plans to hold a rally on the occasion of the Day of Freedom. Beginning at 18:00


In Brussels, begins a three-day forum of political and economic leaders from Europe and North America dedicated to the discussion of the major political challenges of the modern world.


In 1821, Greece won its independence after 400 years of Turkish occupation.

In 1918, Minsk was proclaimed the independence of the Belarusian People's Republic. Since then and to this day March 25 — the most important national holiday in conscious Belarusians globally.

In 1924 Greece declared itself a republic.

In 1980 died Roland Barthes, the French philosopher and semietyk.

There is a reason:

Freedom Day.

MINUS 365:

Freedom Day — 2010: Meeting of the Academy of Sciences.

Quote to remember:

"We are now, I'm glad the Belarusian People's Republic, throw in his native land last yoke of state dependence, which violently threw the Russian tsars in our free and nizalezhny edge. Henceforth Belarusian People's Republic of abveshchaetstsa Nizalezhnay and the Free State. Sami people of Belarus, in the person of his constitutional parliament rule on the future of the State Union of Belarus "-

On the third charters Rada of the Belarusian Popular Republic, Minsk, March 25, 1918.

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