Experts predict the wheat yield is 11.5% lower than last year

Experts predict the wheat yield is 11.5% lower than last year

According, a severe drought this spring, in France, a major producer of grain in Europe, there were already at least half a century. May temperatures set a record for a hundred years. More than half of the French department of restrictions on water usage.

Pastoralists experiencing an acute shortage of feed and hay, and are forced to sell cattle for slaughter in spite of the fact that meat prices are falling. Experts predict the wheat yield is 11.5% lower than last year.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Prime Minister Francois Fillon announced the creation of a national disaster fund of 1 billion euros, of which will be paid to the victims. The first 200 million euro the most affected farmers have already paid.

In addition, farmers reduced taxes, postpone your loan repayment. Pastoralists allowed grazing on previously closed areas.

Brussels also expressed a desire to help the affected farmers and agreed to defer payment of certain subsidies to farmers in the most affected countries, from December to October 16. To speed up the payment of subsidies to Brussels also touched Madrid. Potential applicants in the EU and consider Italy, Luxembourg and Hungary.

In Belgium, the Flemish regional council went even further — has promised to pay farmers euroallied subsidy of 249 million euros from the budget earlier and then offset these costs through Brussels million.

Drought attacked not only the Fifth Republic, but most of northern Europe. German meteorologists claim that this dry spring in Germany was not all-time weather observations. In some areas, rainfall was not more than 5% of the average norm.

The alarming situation for farmers in the UK, where the drought struck the central, southern and south-eastern regions.

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