Extracting heat and electricity, disposing of sludge treatment plants Omsk

NGO "Mostovik" declared the winner of the open tender for a contract for design and construction of the facility "heat-extraction module thermal catalytic oxidation of sewage sludge wastewater treatment plant in Omsk." The project is part of the investment program of OAO "OmskVodokanal."

Technology recycling sludge treatment plants developed by scientists at the Novosibirsk Institute of Catalysis. GK Boreskov and allows you to not only dispose of sewage sludge, which is toxic waste in the cleaning process, but also to produce heat and electricity.


"Unfortunately, in our country has not yet been appropriate technologies that can recycle sewage waste, — said the head of the project management" Production of cogeneration modules "NGOs" Mostovik "Valery vortex. — In 99% of cases, virtually all that remains after cleaning, accumulated and stored in the designated smoking areas — landfills or sludge pit. Product residue — a toxic substance. Storage conditions of precipitation, usually do not exclude contamination of the atmosphere, surface and ground water, soil and vegetation. Storing waste disposal requires large areas of land and economically disadvantageous. So, in Omsk iloshlamonakopitel treatment plant covers an area of 180 hectares.

Scientists of the Novosibirsk Institute of Technology developed thermal catalytic oxidation of organic sludge. This scientific development is implemented in the heating unit, which consists of three production lines, in which the process of thermal catalytic oxidation of the organic component of sediment runoff. The project will be carried out in 2 stages. Now we have won the tender for the implementation of the first stage of work: we have to project all three lines and build the first pilot line of heating unit. "

Furthermore, in thermochemical oxidation of sewage sludge can be accumulated waste product 2 Product: ash, which is used in particular for road building and construction materials, and heat. In terms of electricity is more than 100,000 kW / h The complex treatment facilities consume a day about 220,000 kW / h of electricity. Thus, in addition possible to produce almost half of the electricity consumption of sewage treatment facilities in the city of Omsk, which will reduce the rate of urban drainage and get a source of funding for the modernization of the sewage treatment facilities in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection legislation of the Russian Federation and in accordance with European standards.

For reference, each year in Russia produced more than 147 million tons, in terms of dry matter, precipitation treatment plant utilities, of which burned no more than 5%. The rest are sent for disposal, which are built special facilities for a period of 100-150 years. During this time, the repository are hazardous to the environment.

Performance time — in December 2014.
Customer — "OmskVodokanal."

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