Farmers are sowing the Saratov region mustard using air

In Krasnokutsk Saratov region is Aeros mustard. Total planted 900 hectares of small seeded oilseed. Total area of aerial sowing in Krasnokutsk area was 1800 hectares. In the near future this method will be performed sitting in farms Balashov and Wolski areas.
The use of this innovative technology will allow sowing plants make fuller use of spring water reserves, form a strong root system to develop resistance to pests and diseases, and high yields.

Due to the lingering spring out a common technique in the field over a large area can not yet. However, research and many years of practice proved that the sowing of mustard, camelina, canola, colza and other oilseeds in the early period of very early greatly increases their productivity.

In the Saratov region formed structure acreage and production program for 2013. This year, the crop area will increase in comparison with 2012 by 95.1 thousand hectares, and will be more than 3.7 million hectares. Grains and legumes occupy 2.4 million hectares, an increase of 81.7 thousand hectares more than last year.

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