Fighters have the wrong system

Soldiers have the wrong systemChief Military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky concerned about a surge of violence in the Russian army

The number of crimes committed by soldiers in 2010 has declined, said Thursday the control of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office (PRT) Sergei Fridinskiy. With all of this, he told that the number of crimes of forcible temper in military formations increases. The prosecutor's practice confirms that it is associated with increased conscripts and severe failings in the work of individual commanders. Experts believe that violence in the barracks was not only bigger, but it also zopoluchilo new forms.

According to Fridinsky, changed the motives and character of such offenses.

— Bad habits and practices of the street with each new call comes in military bands — said military prosecutor. — All co-workers often have stretched resources, taking away from their mobile phones, which is often accompanied by physical violence.

The troops, says the head of the PRT, as well as society as a whole, there are difficulties associated with religious intolerance. With all of this some destructive forces trying to provoke a military conflict, including on ethnic grounds.

Managing GWP pointed to the need to take active measures to prevent the nationalist and other manifestations of extremism in the military.

Fridinskiy also stressed that "the situation in the various security agencies has developed diverse: while in the armed forces and internal forces crime has decreased, the number of criminal acts grown up in the units of the Russian border guards."

Recall, Feb. 15, these data led the head of the Russian Supreme Court Vyacheslav Lebedev at the meeting of chairpersons of regional, regional and national courts. According to him, last year, significantly decreased the number considered by the military courts of criminal cases so called draft dodgers, while the number of criminal cases involving breaches of the rules of relations between servicemen without their subordination, has increased by a third part.

Coordinator of the Public initiative "Citizens and army"Sergei Krivenko says:" Now we reinforce that this form of bullying as diktat and coercion recruits older soldiers, virtually collapsed. But violence zopoluchilo other forms. "

Specialists they say, that where the officers are looking for the order, such phenomena do not. But emphasize that the premise is so negative trends are likely to change in the system was the recruitment of the army. Reduced service life up to the year has led to what is now older soldiers find themselves nearly half of those who are called.

Do not forget to reduce the training officers in the Army, which also affected the growth of violence. Interestingly comment Denis Gutsko known contemporary writer, which, recalling its own army experience, says: "From my own experience I can say that most of the problems in the army — out of laziness officer. I beheld, and units in which Terry was hazing, and units in which it did not exist. In one subdivision officer was indisputable authority for the fighter. In another — the foreman, the tremendous size of the young man did not allow bullying. But where bullying thrives, quitter officer usually lays down his duties on some old-timers or on a cohesive, often ethnic group. Well, in the end in the division outside the order and only. "

Specialists say that the recipes frisky healing and hazing in the armed forces and the atrocities there. But unanimously emphasize that all the army should stay on the bona fide officers, for whom army — Calling. Such as before a lot, but their promotion hinder corruption and bureaucracy.
In addition, it is clear that the army — only just slice of society and cure only one of its unreal.

Commented Anatoly Tsiganok, candidate of military sciences, manager of the Center for Military Forecasting

The jump hazing with the transition to a one-year call for the army really celebrated. Despite the decline of many parts, re-formed into brigades and divisions, reducing the number of fighter, right on the call, the country was faced with another challenge: if earlier, when the recruits served two years for each call had to recruit, for example, 150 thousand people, now This figure has increased by half, respectively.

Because it turns out that half the recruits that came in the spring, already considers himself a "grandfathers" in relation to those who came in the fall. Previously, "grandfathers" was about a quarter, a half now. And the orders have remained the same. Have not gone away. So makarom proliferation of "grandfathers" and caused the growth of bullying.
The army is converted back to the workers and peasants. Secured ancestors are struggling to liberate their own kids from the service. Low level of education affects the habits of people coming now to the armed forces.

In addition, the principle to realize that the guys at the age of 18 years alone for himself conflicted. Stupidly expect that weaving healthy boys, placed together, will effortlessly get along together. Everyone has their own habits.
All these people need to educate, to unite, to force yourself to understand the military. Then play a big role commanders: officers, non-commissioned officers.

But after the reform, the Ministry of Defense spent more than 200 thousand officers were simply dismissed. At the moment, the country's president says that 70 thousand of them to return. It turns out troops in their need. But back at the moment will go a few.

Not enough troops, and intelligent sergeants. Education level sergeants, as in the whole of recruits is very low. In Soviet times, the sergeant was prepared for 1-year, and two years he served. At the moment we have reached the point that the sergeants prepare three to six months, and he is followed by six to nine months. During this period, it can be trained to only shoot and drive a car.

But you can train and shoot a bear, and the squad from it during this period of time will not. What is really there in the middle of the authority of subordinates.

Wages as sergeants serving under contract, not much different from region to region and is about 12 thousand rubles. In almost all towns of military spouses earn 18 thousand and ask a reasonable question: why is their hope and support received so little, disappearing in the service.

Because contractors to sergeant positions go. It turns out that some recruits bring.

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