Finished work on designing future spacecraft Rus-M

On December 26, President of Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" Vitaly Lopota announced the completion of the technical design of the new Russian manned spacecraft.

Earlier it was reported that the Rocket and Space Corporation develops conceptual design perspective manned transportation system (PCA) of the new generation, tentatively called "Rus-M", which has been allocated about 800 million rubles.

The maximum crew of the new ship will be six people (when flying to the moon — up to four people).

PCA, the developers say, will be able to deliver into orbit 500 kg of cargo, bulk cargo returned to Earth — 500 pounds or more, with a smaller crew.

Length of the ship — 6.1 m, maximum diameter — 4,4 m, weight in near-Earth orbital flights — 12 tonnes (during flights for lunar orbit — 16.5 m), the mass of the returned — 4.23 m (including soft systems planting — 7.77 m), Volume sealed compartment — 18 m?.

  • File: PTK NP MAKET MAKS 2009.jpg
  • File: PTK NP MAKET MAKS 2009.jpg

Samara "Samara Space Center Progress" has decided to revert to develop advanced rocket "Rus-M", on which work was stopped a year ago — before the project on creation of the Samara rocket was stopped as a launch at Baikonur East (Amur region) was selected missile "Angara".

According to information published on the website of "Progress Samara Space Center", a new two-stage rocket would be. Its design feature is the use of universal rocket pack. The first stage is a bundle of three units, which are installed oxygen-kerosene RD-180 design research and production association "Energomash".

In the second stage it was planned to use an oxygen-hydrogen engines RD-146 Design Bureau of Chemical Automatics development. Starting weight of the launch vehicle — 673 tons, length — 61 m, diameter — 11.6 m "Rus-M" will be able to output to a low circular orbit a payload of 23.8 tonnes


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