First interrogated by the KGB, then warned by the police

Vitebsk coordinator of the movement "For Freedom" Christopher Zhelyapau was interrogated by the Regional Directorate of the KGB as a witness in the case of the riots on December 19. Later, he was invited to a preventive talk to the deputy head of the Railway police department.

According Zhelyapova, the KGB was asked about his post-election events as a proxy of a candidate for president Gregory Kastusiou and a member of the initiative group of presidential candidate Alexei Mikhalevich. December 19 Vitebsk activist involved in the supervision of the elections and did not go to Minsk.

However Hystafora Zhelyapova summoned to the regional council has twice the KGB. The first time was on February 16. But on the day of interrogation was not: an activist in a service car immediately taken to a private house, which he owns, and in which the sittings of the local "European Club", and conducted a search. After the search, the KGB seized computers and several publications, which until still not returned.

In the railway police department Zhelyapova called as one of the applicants to the Freedom Day rally. The picket was booked for the evening on March 25 at the Park of Culture and Rest of railwaymen. But with the Railway District Administration activists were refused: to conduct a meeting they were not allowed on the grounds that just at the same time his campaign "Together — Against Tuberculosis" in the park will hold a health department.

In the police department Christopher Zhelyapova again reminded of the ban, warning that in case of unauthorized actions of the participants brought to administrative responsibility.


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