Fish kills in the Voronezh

Fish kills in the Voronezh18.07.11.Zhiteli Kalach and adjacent to the district center of the village on Saturday evening Suburban began to sound the alarm.

The river of Tolucheevku located about 800 meters from her treatment facilities Kalacheevskogo slaughterhouse suddenly flowed stinking creek, and at night in the river was a dead fish float. The next day the local authorities were officially informed about the accident at the treatment plants and warned about the dangers of swimming in the river.

In the administration area Kalacheevskogo "Mine!" Reported that the leak could eliminate one hour. While euro area Kalacheevskogo Administration Valeriy Tarasenko confirmed the mass death of fish. What substances were in the river, will be known on Tuesday, July 19. This day should be prepared to test results of samples taken Rospotrebnadzor specialists.

— However, it is clear that these substances were organic, — the head of Rospotrebnadzor the Voronezh region, Mikhail Chubirko. — Organic matter absorbs a lot of oxygen, the remaining oxygen in the water the fish is not enough, and she gasps.

Head of Rosprirodnadzor Stupin Victor said, "Mine!" That the place to find out the causes of the accident and the extent of its impact drove his subordinates. If the fault is confirmed plant, the company will be fined for water pollution. Amount of the fine under the relevant article of the Administrative Code is small — only 30 — 40 thousand rubles.

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