Fishermen Chukotka twice reduced production of salmon, mastered 38% quota

Fishermen Chukotka only 38.3% of the quota allotted to them have mastered the catch of Pacific salmon, having produced in the region ended in salmon fishing 1.077 tons of fish, told RIA Novosti on Friday, a government of Chukotka.

This figure is twice lower than last year's results, when the quota, the volume of which generally corresponded to the level of 2012, was mastered by 81.5%.

Over the past five years, quotas for salmon production in Chukotka mastered by an average of 65%.

"The Committee on the District Fisheries Department agricultural policy summed up the 2012 salmon fishing season, which started on June 1 in the region, said low-interest development quotas, although fishing capacity were fully prepared for the catching. Permitted from 2.817 tons of fish produced only 1.077 million tons, or 38, 3%. This result is explained by the weak approach of fish this year to places of fishing, "- said the source.

According to him, the best in this year caught sockeye, which were produced 267 tons, or 53.7% of the quota. Salmon catch was 778 tonnes, or 38.5% of the quota, pink — 32 tons (10.7%).

By category of users the best results are shown in the production of salmon during the amateur and sport fishing, where the development of the quota was 96.6% — 110 tons. The quota for commercial fishing mastered by 52.4%, amounting to 848 tons of salmon. The indigenous population has mastered the allocated quotas of 14.2%, having produced 113.5 tons of fish. Scientific catch of 5.5 tons, or 31.2%.

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