Flooding in the U.S. states of manic drowns

Flooding in the U.S. reached record proportions. Most affected north of the country: the settlements of North Dakota look out over the water only a roof!

According to news channel 24, one of the towns in the state — Minot, almost completely flooded water. From the village evacuated 12,000 people, nearly a third of the city population.

Flooded thousands of homes. Continuous heavy rains overflowed the river Suris. Its level has already exceeded the record of a century ago, and continues to rise. Hard as inhabitants of areas adjacent to the Missouri River, which also overflowed its banks.

Nebraska achieved its water nuclear power plant. From overflow of the river was flooded dike around the plant. However, experts calm, because the dam was an added level of protection of the nuclear power plant.


Souris River originates in Canada, its channel passes through the United States in the form of capital letter U, then goes back to Canada. Level of the river in Minot is now about 474 meters above sea level, is projected on a Friday or Saturday, he could rise to 475.18 meters. If the forecasts are correct, it will flood the strongest in the city since 1881, when the water level in the river rose to 474.88 Suris meters.

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