Flying Saucers

It has long been no secret of the fact that our Earth envoys visit other civilizations. A striking example can serve numerous photo and video from many countries both amateur and professional, witness reports and even the military.

In denial can only die-hard or short-sighted in not believing, and government agencies seeking to divert the attention of the interested public. The earliest mention of the alien ambassadors preserved in the form of giant figures of South American Indians of the Mayan civilization. Carved in the cliff at high altitude they contain mute calls for "celestial gods" visited our ancestors in ancient times.

Characteristically, survey drawings produced entirely possible only from above the Earth's surface. Eg from space! Given the fact that in those distant times, people were still at the low level of development and could not fly, addressee does not cause any doubts. Rock paintings intended aliens visiting Earth dwellers in flying saucers. What's interesting — such artifacts placed throughout our planet. Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean, Stonehenge in England, stone pyramids in Egypt and Mexico … the list is so extensive that list everything here is just not possible. Apart from ancient times known set of events occurring in the modern days. For example, a mysterious UFO crash in Roswell, which occurred in 1947. Leaked photos of the incident show bloated body alien crew before the moment of opening. The operation revealed a feature of how the unusual layout of the lack of symmetry of the pair. If a person in the body are paired organs such as the lungs, kidneys, rib cage, and the like, the newcomers such duplication completely absent. Likely evolution of development they have gone another way.

The results of the analyzes are so shocked by the ruling circles of the military-industrial complex, that the information was immediately classified. There are persistent rumors that the futuristic design of stealth aircraft stealth technology is nothing less than a practical embodiment of the metal of the very events. There is even a suggestion that the fall of the Tunguska meteorite in Siberia was not an ordinary phenomenon of nature, some kind of a spaceship crash. For some reason, unable to slow down the interstellar spaceship flew into the atmosphere and completely destroyed. The ensuing explosion destroyed a power plant not only fragments of the ship, but the Siberian taiga and knocked over a wide area.

British Interplanetary Society believes that our civilization is a kind of laboratory of planetary scale. Technically advanced space dwellers spend over mankind scientific experiments and put social experiments. In this way, they are trying to direct the course of human progress in the right direction until we sozreem for full contact. It is difficult to say whether this theory is justified, but given the arguments make us very hard to think about many issues fundamental order. It may be that we need to mature and grow up to be accepted into the elite club of interstellar civilizations. And while it did not happen for mankind unobtrusively looked after. If this is the case, then we are all to some extent by laboratory rats. Or, to put it mildly — experimental animals, over which put a mysterious experiment.

Where you'll find most UFO? There are places on Earth that literally attract curious newcomers. Among these areas particularly worth noting the anomalous zones: the Bermuda Triangle, Ural Devil Castle, the Forbidden Mountain. Has long been noted that the most distinguished feature of attracting aliens large buildings of ancient people. Among them in the first place are the Egyptian pyramids, followed by stone statues on Easter Island, then there is a place of the Chernobyl disaster and complete list of Permian anomaly. It is noteworthy that all of humankind in war preparations immediately became the subject of intense curiosity of the little green men. In 1949, two hours before the test, the Soviet atomic bomb in the sky above the ground was fixed stationary circular object. Summoned to the scene interceptor fighters reported by radio command that unknown object resembles a spinning disc and is not caught radar for missile attack. Released bursts of cannon could not do any harm, because all the shells swept past the target. Three minutes after the explosion of the nuclear charge, ghost plate melted in the sky taking with them unsolved riddle.

It is now established that our technical abilities are not guaranteed to allow representatives to monitor distant worlds. All the messengers, which we have observed have been found randomly, without the use of technology. Last year, American ufologists working in the group of Professor Raymond Kurzweil suggested that somewhere in the back of the solar system should hide disguised base from which the aliens are regularly visited by us. According to their hypothesis, the best place for such a task is the dwarf planet Pluto.

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