For the same length of service in a pension — 300 thousand rubles, and another — 3000000 …

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Ether March 23, 2011

A theme that cares and worries of almost all of our listeners elderly — pensions. Why some are high, and in others — a paltry? How is it that the main condition for obtaining high pensions in Belarus was not a long and hard work for the benefit of society, and — proximity to power, belonging to the bureaucracy?

In one of the letters on this subject today and start a conversation. Our listener Svetlana Asaenok from Minsk, which put a lot of personal effort to understand this situation, writes about his findings, which eventually came:

"At the same seniority have a pension — 300,000 rubles, and in the other — 3000000. And this injustice has been around for 15 years. We, pensioners, beat the bell, but the relevant ministries, the Parliament, the Presidential Administration does not delve into this problem. Moreover, as time officials and members and have established such an order. A People's President signed — probably without understanding. And now officials did not inform the President about the unacceptable situation with pensions. And in order to divert attention, customize it to destroy the opposition — rather than to establish cooperation with it, as do a brotherly Russia.

Is it possible to be reconciled with the facts when the worker, doctor, teacher, spent in their seats for forty years, receiving a pension of half the smallest of many officials of the executive committees and ministries, tax inspectors, police officers? This despite the fact that the length of these clerks often two or three times less …

Why did such a privilege? Apparently, the president just did not bring what these officials in their workplaces. Pass on ispolkomovskih offices … Silence. Officials are sitting on the internet, spend time with a cup of coffee and wait for increased preferential pension which guarantees them the law signed by the president.

The people are ready to ride out the difficulties in the country, but can not tolerate injustice. Why not reduced the amount of bureaucracy? Until when will there be such a savage injustice in charge of pensions? What's happening to prices? Why corruption is rampant? Retirees who are not favored by the president, can not make ends meet. And though he is all talk and a lot, but not about what we want to hear. And we want to hear what real wages and pensions, on the one hand, the working people, and on the other — from the officials, police officers and other workers kagebisty. And we wonder why the silent unions and the media about the injustice that is rooted in the Belarusian reality and silenced "-

— Wrote in his letter to the "Freedom" Svetlana Asaenok from Minsk. Listener thus emphasizes that expresses not only his personal opinion, but the opinion of a group of like-minded retirees.

In general, seniors are considered part of that society, which most consistently and faithfully support the current government in all elections and referendums. But even among the elderly a lot of those are just as Svetlana Asaenok, compare, compare the facts of your daily and try to find answers to uncomfortable questions for the government. Indeed, for any such special services stolanachalnik in the executive committee, who all his life shifted from one box of paper to another, gets two or three times larger pension than a tractor, a milkmaid, a locksmith? Than the work of the ministerial clerk more responsible, hard or dangerous for a job as a teacher and a doctor?

Obviously, the officials who worked on the pension legislation and numerous regulations that hurt themselves did not intend. And what, so to speak, a "people's president" who signed these laws? Maybe it's true podmahnul without looking, without knowing, without delving into the essence? No, Mrs. Asaenok. The point here is another. This is a politically secluded periods bureaucratic army peacefully asleep in easy chairs, rustling on social networks on the Internet so amused coffee during the endless smoke breaks. And during the election? Who sets up the perfect composition of election commissions? Who organizes a guaranteed vote count? Who provides another "elegant victory"? And even more concerned policemen kegebistov and others in uniform. So here the system is set up just on the principle of "one for all and all for one." However, the majority of society stays away from this "cabal" in which the divide between their salaries, pensions and benefits. Well, for this you can type secrecy. And it is not surprising that the trade unions and the media remain silent about this issue. They in Belarus — part of the system do not have real independence.

Now — to the topic in the last three months does not disappear from the post of "Freedom" — the fate of the participants of mass protests that took place on Independence Square in Minsk on December 19. Our listener Leonardo Machulsky of Maladzechna, discussing the implications of political repression, writes:

"Yesterday I heard that the opposition government voluntarily paid 14 million for the broken door at the Government House. Why was this done? Hence, the opposition itself pleaded guilty and was given into the hands of Lukashenka all the cards. Now he will pull money out of each hostage, make it into the business. He opened wide the way for human trafficking. Though there who actually hit the glass on December 19 — the big question.

I want to say about the sanctions imposed by Europe against Belarusian officials. Lukashenko is not very scary — and so he stopped by the West has long ride. Sanctions must be entered against his sports team that ran with batons on the streets of Minsk on December 19 and broke a bone in no way guilty people.

… A little more about our current daily lives. Prices — as a chain broke. And on public television and radio — some equipped with rollicking concerts and draw lyatarey. A fun live. As the saying goes, beat and do not give a cry, "-

— Wrote in his letter to the "Freedom" by Leonardo Machulsky of Maladzechna.

Those 14 million rubles were collected and handed over to the opposition of the government administration building is not a sign of a guilty plea, Ms. Leonardo, and in order to alleviate the plight of prisoners, so that they will no longer exposed property claims. However, this is not much help. Multimillion-dollar fines continue to pour on the participants of the Plaza. That's from the recently released from prison, the citizens of Russia Artem Brevsa and Ivan Gaponava, the immediate release of which in a harsh manner demanded Moscow, Belarusian Themis decided naastatak recover by 10.5 million rubles each. In this sense, the business of political prisoners continues.

The loud revelatory statements of the former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich answered our listener Ivan Tsimafeychyk Modeyka Zelvenski village of the district. Let me remind you Mikhalevich after his release from prison, the KGB first told about the application in relation to torture him and then ran away from Belarus. Ivan Tsimafeychyk writes on this subject:

"It is quite believe that recognition, from the mouth of Ales Mikhalevich. This facility closed to public scrutiny, the old Soviet tradition accustomed to what they are allowed to achieve the desired results at any cost. For that went too far, one would condemn them. Here and get up to what they want.

In general, now in Belarus increased hostility to any dissent. Conducted searches of those who do not like it — who thinks and speaks not just as you want power. These people are deprived of work, they create inconveniences. They become an exile, strangers at home.

I'll tell you about
myself. I will soon be 70 years old. It does not belong to any party. But DO NOT put up with injustice. After that fell out of favor. For more than 20 years as a creator I refuse to publish in the local newspaper "Trud". I'm not them.

Next. I live in dvukhetazhke, on the second floor. Eight years ago, for my money I have repaired the roof so that it became impossible to live. In summer, during the heat of the roof, covered with a layer of tarred ruberoydu, is heated to 50 degrees. And in the winter — frozen. This winter has survived at 6-8 degree heat and was glad when the temperature rose to 10-12 degrees. What is this if not torture? But I — invalid. So, apparently, had been tortured, be finished, completely destroyed, "-

— Wrote in his letter to the "Freedom" Ivan Tsimafeychyk Modeyka Zelvenski village of the district.

Imagine, John, your housing. Such brick or paneled two-story houses with flat roofs were built in the villages in the 60-70s in all regions of the Soviet Union — not paying any attention to climatic conditions or the national traditions. Then the fuel cost a penny, but with building materials and money was tight at the construction site. So built only be cheaper and easier.

Now here have to pay for that profligacy. Apparently, it is not necessary, Ivan believes that this is a special kind of torture communal problems just for you. In fact, to upgrade these buildings need a lot of money, which a modest local budgets, as a rule, no. In such a situation, not only are you — hundreds and hundreds of other inhabitants of these houses in many other Belarusian villages.

The author of this brief letter, Sergei Norman from Minsk, writes that in his life are closely intertwined, and personal and social problems. Quote from the report:

"After an opposition demonstration on May 30 96-year drove me several times in the" loony bin. "Forced to heal now. These gentlemen are accustomed to thinking of people cattle. But after the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt believe that my struggle in the Belarusian People's Front — is not lost and sooner or later end changes. And I want to, as he said Vasily Bykov, Belarus knew the names of their executioners "-

— Wrote in his letter to the "Freedom" Sergey Norman from Minsk.

And at the end — an issue-by Felix Varvashevich from the village of poppy Hantsavichy district. The listener writes:

"For years, I listened to the Belarusian freedom, but now, unfortunately, do not have this capability. Previously, I was helping out an old "Ocean", but only after more than twenty years of service, he finally broke down, had to throw it away.

Collected the money, and went to Luninec and Baranovichi. Abhadiv many markets and shops — anywhere short of host is not found. I bought a medium wave, but on their "freedom" can not hear often. And what do I do in this case? "-

— Asks in his letter to the "Freedom" Felix Varvashevich from the village of poppy Hantsavichy district.

The options here, Mr. Felix, two: either master computer and connect to the internet, or buy a satellite dish and through the tune in our wave. It is clear that for many of the elderly version of the computer — quite problematic. (And given the size of pensions — and not very accessible). But satellite dishes on their prices are slightly more expensive than the modern radios. In addition, thanks to satellite television and you will get access to hundreds of other independent channels of information.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom."

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