Foresters in Khakassia drought buy cedar seeds in the population

Dry weather last summer in Khakassia caused poor harvest cedar, foresters have to buy seeds from the population to replenish the seed nursery base, said the Republican State Committee in the woods.

"The problem is that in Khakassia in this year is the low yield of cedar. Abnormally hot summer and lack of rainfall had a negative impact on yield. This problem occurs in many regions of the Siberian Federal District," — said in a statement.

To ensure adequate supply of seeds for growing pine seedlings, foresters have to buy nuts from the population. In early October, the forest industry workers are planning to plant the seeds in nurseries, but in the woods young cedars can be planted in three years.

This year Khakassia faced another "cedar" problem — spring specialists cedar recorded death in the vast area from bark beetle. To prevent the spread of the pest, the experts decided to conduct a sanitary clear felling of infected trees on an area of nearly 400 hectares, but they were suspended under pressure from the public, which has considered that, along with an infected cut down cedar and a healthy forest. The State Committee for Forest Khakassia has repeatedly denied information about cutting healthy cedar, but the facts are still checked by law enforcement.

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