French FR F1 sniper rifles and FR F2

French FR F1 sniper rifles and FR F2
Of the preceding article about sniper rifle MAS-49 and its next upgrade, it became clear that the army of France far do not always have the best sniper weapon level of armaments of other states. Despite the fact that most of the problems could make an instrument completely ego lowest effective range of fire, as well as not the best accuracy with a stretch allowed to call the sniper rifle. Naturally, it was necessary to correct the situation, but rearmament new prototype guns, even taking into account what is usually a huge number of sniper rifles is not required, it would cost quite a huge amount, which of course was not. So makarom happened that meet the needs of the army in a new sniper rifles had within a very small budget. What brightly, even in spite of this, the standard went pretty fascinating, though not owning the best, but good features and fully with all this quite ordinary. Question about the French sniper rifle FR F1, well, at the same time and get acquainted with its modernization FR F2.
FR F1 sniper rifle was developed in 1964 under the control of Jean Fournier. It is a tool by modern standards, has quite the appearance of an old, well against their same age, this rifle looks old lady. Despite this, the gun is pretty comfortable, has a ton of fun and once a cheap solutions to many problems that you can meet and modern weapons. Unfortunately, some of the decisions in this rifle can not be called successful. So first the eye throws forend gun, which is not a lot of that aggressively attached to the trunk, so also connected to the receiver rifle, which reduces the accuracy of the firing of guns, although judging by the reviews it is not so critical, because the ammunition 7 , 5h54 still do not give svobodnovyveshennogo unlock the potential of the barrel, and it is there and do not need. Gun butt just a tree does not have a clear ability to adjust on its own length, using only substitution backplate, but may have to stop cheek. From butt, separately as well goes down wood pistol grip, which significantly increases ease of management tool. It would seem a trifle, but this item is marked as a separate plus guns, making the handle of a pistol just not the main «plus» guns. Rifle bipod attached not quite usual. Their attachment goes through wood handguard, they fold forward and stowed guns placed at the edges.

Separately worth to tell about shops rifle. Unlike his own predecessor FR F1 is fed from detachable stores 10 rounds capacity dual inline ammunition. In order to eliminate the ingress of mud and water inside the store when transporting themselves locked shops rubber caps, which when attached to the gun store and dressed already filmed bottom shop, thereby makarom good stop for second hand arrow. New detachable stores a relatively large capacity were perceived to «cheers», because thanks to them is largely increased practical rate instruments. Let me remind you that the MAS-49 and stores were integrally fitted out of cages.

French FR F1 sniper rifles and FR F2
Increase rate of fire rifle was paid a lot of attention, but do not allow self-loading standard monetary restrictions, well, many people thought that this could lead to a significant decrease in the accuracy of fire, well trained snipers would have to spend on some other program there. For this reason it was decided to give preference to the sliding bolt, locking bore when turning. To increment rate of lugs on the gate, it was decided to arrange the rear, thereby reducing action rifles. Just a lot of attention was paid to the convenience of recharging, as states bent in all possible places pen gate, the truth as it is comfortable on the picture can not tell.

Despite the fact that from automatic weapons in abandoned as a result of the introduction of an effective range was far not the best, 600-800 meters for the rifle was the limit to say here and placing stops the gate and handguard on the barrel and not the best ammunition. In order to arrows missed the mark even at this distance apart rifle optical sight can also be used with open iron sights, consisting of the rear sight and front sight with light-accumulating paint marks for convenience targeting criteria in low light. Same optical sight that is used with the instrument has multiple 3.5-4.

The total length of the rifle FR F1 is 1138 mm with barrel length of 600 mm. Weight guns is 5.63 kilograms.
French FR F1 sniper rifles and FR F2
Can not say that gun completely satisfied all the requirements that are presented to him, but with his puzzles it is fully managed. In the following, after France joined NATO, and in not a bad deal does not come, it took a substitution ammunition and guns as follows. At that time it was possible to acquire on their own arms more modern prototype that would and semi-automatic and has the same properties, but apparently all the same because of the economy, it did not work. In 1984 he was presented the upgraded rifle already with the name FR F2. This gun is not fundamentally different from his own predecessor, but almost all of it has been changed. First, in the absence of eye throws wood, now and fore end and butt and pistol grip are made of plastic, which is not only a positive effect on the price of production, and allowed to reduce the weight of the gun. More precisely weight guns became more opposite, but it happened because of the growth of barrel length of 650 mm, as well as installation on the barrel casing, so that the wood parts gun would weigh a lot more. Overall length 1200 mm guns began, and weight rifle became equated with 5.77 kilograms.

To increase the strength of the stock while reducing its weight, so that it was possible to move boldly Vrazhina jaw and not fear that the stock can be broken with all this, its design was introduced metal «skeleton», which is covered with plastic, so that inside the butt hollow, but with all this quite sturdy and easy. The casing on the trunk represents a single plastic tube dressed on gun barrel and associated fore. Through this instrument was uncomplicated Supplement least perceptible to the imager, in addition, this cover does not give rise to warm air from the trunk, which interferes with the aiming. Usually note that the sniper rifle has no sights, but it is not. Simple rear sight and front sight placed just on the cover of the barrel, about what they are comfortable and at what distance the gun is excellent when used can be judged simply by their outward appearance. So, basically, you can really say that the open sights weapon has not.

Also this method was changed and place mount rifle bipod, which became attached to the receiver, in front of the top, which added stability when firing weapons. Substitution of ammunition and these simple innovations have allowed to use a rifle already with guaranteed result at distances up to 800 meters, but one kilometer and has remained a dream or a fortune.
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