From Arkhangelsk in the educational institutions of the region sent another batch of school buses

In state and municipal educational institutions go further 43 special bus PAZ-32053-70 for transporting children. These buses are sent to schools Seaside, Pinezhskiy, Verkhnetoemsky, Konoshsky, Kargopolsky, Kholmogorsky, Kotlassky, Shenkursky, Onega, Krasnoborsky, Plesetsk, Lena, Vilegodsky, Belsky, and Vinogradovsky Nyandoma areas, educational institutions, Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, Novodvinsk and Peace.


In 2011 the fleet of educational institutions of the Arkhangelsk region 81 extended with a school bus. Receipt of school buses will be entered as part of the modernization of regional systems of general education.

"The new school buses are relevant to our area, largest area of the region, with particular geography. The purpose of the project of modernization — improving the quality of education. Our task — to give students the opportunity to receive a decent education. Thanks to the school buses guys an opportunity to gain additional knowledge, learn about the history of his native land, to go to the competition and perform at competitions at various levels, " — Said the Minister of Education, Science and Culture Ilya Ivankin.

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