From China to Russia in 10 days: the building TLK ‘Yuzhnouralsky

September 25, in the Chelyabinsk region there was an event largely determines the development of the economy of the country: the first stone at the site of the transport and logistics complex "South Ural."

The aim of the projectprovide a transport corridor along the route China — Kazakhstan — Chelyabinsk region and further spread the traffic flows in the direction of Western Europe.

The total project area — 180 hectares, including himself TLC — 120 hectares industrial area — 60 hectares. The volume of investment at Stage I — 120 million euros. General investor — JSC "State transportation and logistics company" (Russia).

In the implementation of the project also involved local companies (as part of the agreements) of "Kedentransservice" (comprehensive support for container shuttle transportation) and JSC "Kazakhstan Temir Joly" (software w / d transportation through the territory of Kazakhstan).

The planned capacity of the customs point on TLC — 400 containers per day. Annual turnover — 2.5 million tons per year. Daily Dispatch 400 straddle carriers for delivery to the final consumer. 

The significance of this complex for the development of the transport infrastructure of the region as a whole is difficult to overestimate. This reduction in the cost of various goods, and the creation of new jobs, and improving the quality of life of South Urals. Construction period will not exceed 5-7 years. Funding will be conducted entirely by domestic investors.

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