From ordinary online store

Statistics reports that an increasing number of Russian citizens every year prefer online shopping over conventional. Just last year, it went from 15% to 28%, and for the first quarter of this — up to 32%. The main reason for this, according to experts, is to raise the percentage of people employed at the network.

Wages they receive in e-currency, so pay it on the Internet, it is much easier than looking for ways to cashing. Consumers themselves the main reason is the absence of queues and hamovatye sellers. Unpleasant, but true — the service in our country is not high enough, and consultants, especially in boutiques, sometimes behave just outrageous.

Among the disadvantages of this type of "shopping" is called impossible thing to try (only about clothes), so you need to know exactly the size. While many online stores allow return or exchange the item if for some reason that does not fit the customer. Popularity of these online resources have recently gained site, are a catalog of foreign stores.

Yes, yes, it is foreign, as "our" people tend to trust import suppliers and manufacturers. On the above resource contains the most popular online stores in the U.S., including "E-Bay", and their intermediaries, we can deliver goods to Russia.

Of course, this raises some "cheat", but many prefer to overpay a little bit, but know that the thing they bought one hundred percent quality. Experts say that with the pace in 5-10 years, Russia has the usual shops may even lose its relevance.

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