From Siberia to Algeria went Su-30 MK. Yak-130 is waiting for shipment.


Valuable cargo. With the Irkutsk aircraft plant in Algeria today sent two Su-30MK. In Africa, the plane was carrying unassembled. Maintain and service the first time they will be our specialists.
In fact, to make out a combat aircraft, takes them two days. The wings and tail — a separate, navigation and guidance equipment — too. These already tested, the Su-30 MK leave Irkutsk aircraft factory unassembled.

— Those born under the Siberian sky, they will have to serve in the African sky. Another batch of "dryers" today sent to Algeria. Fly to a new place of service the world's best multi-purpose combat aircraft are not under its own power. Fly to "Ruslan".

Price of a combat vehicle — a minimum of $ 30 million, today sent two. The total amount of the contract, as well as its value, were not disclosed. Before the winch pulled "dry" in the transport's cargo bay, everything is carefully checked again. Even tire pressure strictly defined — 4 atmospheres, neither more nor less. This not only safety in transportation. Any malfunction that you will find in Algeria, should be eliminated at the plant, delivery and alteration due to the manufacturer. In addition, until the aircraft stand on alert, they will serve our experts.

— These machines will fly to Algeria. They are there to be gang assembly that takes off in the near future, to collect, our pilots fly around the machine. That's only after that will be the transfer, — the deputy chief of flight test units of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant Alexander Dorohov.

By the way, not only to Irkutsk citizens to surf the air spaces of Algeria. In our skies over the helm of military aircraft can be seen Arab entity. The Irkutsk aircraft factory are now receiving training on the Yak-130 pilots and engineering of the Algerian Air Force. The first batch of these machines will be sent to the African country in the coming days.

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