From the history of design Boguchan plant

Technical project Boguchan plant was approved in 1979 but during the resumption of construction in 2006, it was obvious that the Soviet project partially answered a modern regulatory framework. Today BoHPP — the most modern hydraulic power in Russia.


Emergency power

In connection with the tragedy at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station have been revised security requirements in complex hydraulic structures. All systems are in charge of security, should have triple redundancy power supply, advanced system diagnostics. On Boguchan plant in each of the nine sections of hydraulic mechanism exists by three water stops. Shutter control is performed as with the remote station controller, and automatic emergency. In case of any emergency situation gates will drop automatically, completely block the water flow without human intervention. According to the project in 1979 experienced a shortage of hydroelectric capacity and 30%. Total construction readiness facilities BoHPP for 2006 was 0-30%. Facilities for power distribution scheme did not exist, powerhouse was built by 10-15%, the concrete and rockfill dams were willing to 25-30%. General Designer Boguchan HPP, JSC "Institute Hydroproject" them. SY Beetle, it was necessary to solve the dual challenge — to make adjustment of the project in accordance with the current legal framework, quickly assessing the condition of all structures of the station, and perform detailed design. The main objective was to provide security in terms of reliability of structures, capacity and operation of hydropower. The new GIS Project 1979 provides for the construction of ORU in an open area. Today, electricity is supplied through a BoHPP complete switchgear gas-insulated switchgear. The advantage of GIS over the OSG has long been known and time-tested: a high degree of prefabrication, increased service life and safety of care, savings in operating costs. Further, the switchgear is several times smaller area ORU.

Unique spillway Boguchan hydro dam was designed for abnormally heavy floods. The concrete portion has two powerful water flow. In the case of raising the reservoir water turbine machine room can be stopped, waterways turbines can be closed and the discharge may be only one or, at the very least, two spillways of the dam. Unique spillway with a stepped spillway face of structurally different from the standard facilities of this type. It is on BoHPP this solution was used for the first time in the Russian practice. Now the combined capacity of spillways BoHPP skips flood 0.01% availability without the capacity of all units. Fish protection structures In accordance with current law for Boguchansky reservoir developed a set of conservation measures aimed at ensuring the safety of aquatic biological resources. Fisheries Protection package includes not only the special measures to preserve the gene pool of valuable fish species. It includes unique hydraulic structures, including a modern water jet fish protection system with the efficiency of 84,3-94,7%.

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