From the new quake shook buildings in Tokyo

In Japan, on Saturday morning there was a new strong earthquake, so that the building shook in Tokyo. Japan's Meteorological Administration previously estimated the magnitude 6.1 quake.

The epicenter was located in Ibaraki prefecture in the northeast of the island of Honshu, that is far from the area where the nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1". Hearth element lies at a depth of 20 km.

According to preliminary data, the warning about the threat of a tsunami was not announced. Data on casualties or damage as yet been received.

Note that for the last week in Japan, there were hundreds of repeated earthquakes of magnitude 4-6. This figure was a record for the frequency of aftershocks after the earthquake, RBC reports.

It also reported that Osika peninsula on the north-east of the main Japanese island of Honshu in the quake shifted by 5.3 meters in a south-easterly direction and dropped by 1.2 meters, according to RIA Novosti.

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