From what today we need to build a house

Energy efficient housing — a priority in the construction of

The development trend of building complex is obvious: it is necessary first of all to build one-story house with the use of pre-fabricated and heat-saving designs. These homes and cheaper cost to the buyer, and warmer, and pay utility bills in them, as practice shows, is far less than usual. And then it is not necessary to use expensive foreign construction materials. The village Dolgorukovo Lipetsk region for several years successfully running factory-fabricated housing, LLC "Pearl", which is effectively using the advanced European experience and Russian innovative technology, produces some of the best in Russia sandwich — panels with polyurethane foam for individual houses. 

Why, they ask, to offer residents of the area, for example, panel house, if you can make it familiar to us from bricks? Because such a structure (call it alternative) has a number of indisputable advantages. And if they are, then why not take advantage of them!

First, the frame-and-panel house, again, it is easier and faster to build. A team of specialists, LLC "," pearl "of three to four people can assemble it in just two weeks. However, the mount on the forces and himself. The thickness of the so-called SIP — panels (and it consists of two plates between them, and polyurethane) of 129 millimeters. Its weight is ten times less than the brick wall of the same size! Under the house of such panels can be made much lighter foundation. It is estimated that the savings on such a foundation for building a house of 100 square meters. meters will be more than 200 thousand rubles. Add and much lower costs for construction materials. The cost of one square. 2.5 meter brick wall with the installation of approximately two and a half times more expensive than the construction of the SIP — panels, and then actually save the family budget has about 300-400 thousand rubles. Therefore, when building a country cottage of new building designs can save more than half a million rubles!

It should not be a view that the frame-panel house get too easy, "toy". In fact it is not. The design of Dolgorukovsky sandwich panels has high strength and elasticity, meet state standards. In addition, all wood products combined with mounting plates, brackets, bolts and screws. The house rests on a monolithic pile foundations, walls, as well as exterior walls of sandwich panels with polyurethane foam roof — made of galvanized steel sheet steel on the wooden rafters and sheathing. Ground floor height — 2.8 meters, attic — 2.8 meters.

The application itself in maloetazhke SIP-panels made in Dolgorukovo not "minus" and "plus" in the construction practice. They not only allow you to build housing quickly, reduce the load on the foundation of a hundred or more times and do not require surface treatment of walls, but also have excellent thermal insulation properties. The latter is achieved by the polyurethane foam, which has an optimal combination of thermal, noise insulation and fire characteristics. Polyurethane foam is today the world's best insulation, surpassing in quality mineral wool and polystyrene. On service life is seven times greater than the foam and ten times — mineral wool. "The use of polyurethane foam as insulation makes our homes clean," — said the director of the factory-fabricated housing Dolgorukovsky Sergei Ishevsky.

Lodging of SIP — panels warm. When the thickness of foam just 100 millimeters it in its insulating performance corresponds to 350-mm panels with mineral wool or thick brick wall of 4500 millimeters. That's why it can effectively solve problems with heat savings and reduce costs for utilities. For example, with the use of gas. Especially in the winter time. In tests revealed that the heat loss through one square. meter of wall thickness 2.5 brick four times more than the same area SIP panels. Annual savings of gas in the house of 100 square meters. meters up, according to calculations, LLC "Pearl", about 4 million cubic meters. If we translate this into rubles, the total economy of the family budget for heating at least twenty thousand a year! And given the constant growth rates, and the figure does look impressive.

Dolgorukovtsy and residents of other districts who have bought pre-fabricated houses by LLC "Pearl", were able to see this. One of them is Michael Krynin. It is the fourth year running in Dolgorukovskoj district hospital surgeon. Taking a mortgage, bought a house of 100 square meters. meters from the Company "Pearl". And does this not regret.

— I am very happy that I live in a warm-fabricated house — says a young professional. — I was staged and the price for such housing, and its quality. What is very important, save on gas central heating. In cold weather, pay for it at an average of 800 rubles a month. For comparison, my parents, who live in the old house of gazosilikata spend for gas a month five thousand rubles. The difference is huge. My brother is also going to build a house-fabricated. And I only support his choice.

Now quite common to hear talk of how to achieve energy savings to utility bills for residents of the area were not so onerous. So-called "smart homes" built in our towns and villages — it is too expensive. More promising is the path along which went head Dolgorukovsky factory-fabricated housing Sergei Ishevsky. We need, I'm sure he, innovative building materials. It is beneficial to all. Construction companies, because it is for them a big saving time and money. Buyers of such housing, as it is really affordable and comfortable, and at times can reduce the cost of the use of natural gas. Win here and local authorities: Regional and district solved housing programs, and with them and other important social issues.

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