Georgia and Azerbaijan have covered heavy downpour

Georgia and Azerbaijan have covered heavy downpour23/08/11Atmospheric front with the waves, which stretches from the Mediterranean to the Caucasus, is very active. In the sphere of his influence were Georgia and Azerbaijan. There were heavy rains. During the day on August 21 at Georgia resulted places to 50 mm, in Azerbaijan (Zagatala) — up to 26 mm of rain. 

Heavy downpours caused rivers to flood, and on Monday night has been washed off the road a few meters from the border crossing between Georgia and Azerbaijan. Crossing the border in both directions significantly hampered. In Kakheti region of Georgia, flooded hundreds of homes, washed away roads and bridges, is evacuated. In Lagodekhi, where even small streams turned into raging rivers, because of the flood Shromis Heavy, also evacuated.

In Azerbaijan, due to strong rains most unfavorable situation has developed in Zakatala, where agricultural blew the bridge, around the river Balakane Katekh broken dike.

Heavy rains caused a rise in water in large rivers: the Talachay, Katehchay, Balakane, Mazyme, Silbane and Mazyhe that exceeded the norm.

In the next day with the approach of the new wave cyclone places will brief rains.

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