Giraffe born at Kaliningrad Zoo

 Cub appeared in giraffes Meru and Willows in the Kaliningrad Zoo, due to complications in childbirth it is bottle-fed, told RIA Novosti the zoo.

"Willow 10 years, she's a young mother. First baby she held two years ago. Unfortunately, her first-born was stillborn. Therefore, the appearance of a second child specialists were prepared in advance and constant monitoring of the female," — told the agency.

Births were protracted, and livestock experts had to actively help — just a baby feet dragged into the light. The calf stays with her mother, she takes care of him, licking, but he has to bring up artificially.

Zoologists and veterinarians to feed the newborn hours (including at night), provide vitamins, watching other vital functions. However nursed six feet newborn giraffe is not only difficult, but also dangerous. Therefore, the process involves multiple people.

Dairy feeding a giraffe takes two to three months, and then they gradually begin to use plant food.

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